10 Amazing CAR Gadgets and Innovations

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You must see out these 10 awesome gadgets and innovations for the cars, that will blow Your mind in 2017

1. Hudway glass – hudwaydrive.com
2. Rotogrip CS – www.rudchain.com
3. LOOK-IT Rear Vision System – lookitcam.com/en
4. Brush Hero – www.shop.brushhero.com
5. FLIR PathFindIR System Night Vision – www.flir.com
6. LANMODO – www.lanmodo.com
7. Ztylus Stinger USB Emergency Escape Tool – ztylus.com
8. Automatic Tire Inflator – www.hammacher.com
9. ECOCUT pro – ecocut-pro.de/en
10. Mad-Ramps – madramps.com

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    1. Chris S why does anybody need YouTube red? Seriously you have one valid answer? I hope it’s a good one

    1. This has been used for decades by fire, schools etc and is hailed as the best thing ever. You display ignorance at its best.

    2. no no Those stupid chain coasts about 4.000 dollars. They work very well.

    3. The original Onspot are rated to work up to 35 mph

  1. Rotogrip… all good until someone gets hit with a pebble and sue’s

    1. HUH? That happens anyway all the time. What planet are you from? This has been used for decades by fire, schools etc and is hailed as the best thing ever. You display ignorance at its best.

    2. Following behind large vehicles that are on the move subjects you to that risk, regardless.

    3. Hunter Lindsay, LegalShield Independent Associate sagt:

      Didn’t think of that… better get LegalShield … haha

    4. Onspot the original have been available for more then 40 years now and are rated to 35 mph.

  2. All you guys that think that Rotogrip is stupid: many schools in my area have them on all their buses and have been using them for years. They are safe, they don’t damage tires, and they work.

    1. Justin Hardt no a tyre chain is somthing that goes around your tyre and clamps on the rotagrip is just chain flapping around your tyre

    2. do you really expect that your average school bus driver is capable of installing tire chains

    3. cole s because it isnt generally a good idea to use tire chains on the highway in a large vehicle when the roads are clear.

    4. There are many variants of the original Onspot system.

  3. love the chains and the flir would make it easy to see bigfoot …

  4. oh! I wouldnt trust that roto chain. esp where it mounts, a rock could take it out

    1. It works trust me. Its ben in use for long time and works great

    2. Its nothing new. Those devices have been on the market for ages.

    3. This has been used for decades by fire, schools etc and is hailed as the best thing ever. You display ignorance at its best.

    4. The original Onspot has been available since 1977.

  5. Pathfinder II is not the first IR system with person and animal id. Volvo has had it as an option on some of their top end cars for a few years and I’m sure several other car brands have too.

  6. The FLIR device is $2500, guess I will just have to drive slower at night. Damn you common sense you win again.

  7. Adds or not, I think that Brush hero is just what I need for cleaning detailing engines and really dirty wheels.

  8. I can look down when driving instead of spending any pennis to useless devices

  9. Got to call bullshit on that tire inflator there are many different brands that you can set the PSI to internal stop automatically just saw one at Walgreens and there as seen on TV section for like 25 or 30 bucks I think

  10. Buick in the mid 1960s had a settable buzzer with the speedometer that sounded off when you exceeded the set limit!

  11. Rotogrip is great in a commercial setting, when someone else is paying for your tires lol

    1. Doesn’t damage the tire unless the disc is stuck. Onspot the market leader has been used since 1977.

  12. The third one was stupid. If you cant turn your head to look begind you, you shouldnt even be driving

  13. Cadillac tried the HUD years ago! It was a failure because people spent so much time looking at the HUD they kept crashing! Cadillac stopped production. Most Humans cannot multi task well!

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