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    1. Dave Harmon and… you’re too dumb to learn how to write properly, right?

    1. Death Sweet least they don’t generalize too much like the older titles

  1. If I am not going asnywhere soon, I’ll wipe my car down in the rain too.Rain water rinse is the best.

    1. You can drink rain water! It’s the cleanest water, way cleaner and pure than what you get from your tap most likely. I mean people use things to catch rain water. Yes it’s possible to pick up a bit of dirt somewhere, but very doubtful and it being harmful?! HELL NO. To use it to clean your car? Definitely a good idea. I have thought about it.

    2. Jo! where u think go the pollution? to the sky! where the clouds are! have u ever heard of PH scale… the rain is almost acid on populate areas and big cities, do never drink that water if you´re a city boy

    3. What the heck, where you do you live that it’s raining acid?! That’s horrible, I mean obviously acid rain wouldn’t be good… but regular rain like the one in the video, that’s fine, no problem.

    4. There’s a difference between washing it in rain and in the rain storm. Wind was knocking over trashcans.

  2. ‚RE: 1:02; I guess she doesn’t grasp the concept of „right of way“. Obvious she doesn’t have the strength of character to accept self responsibility either. That and really bad judgement skills.

    1. @ Davel Foote I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to Pookie Penguin. You original comment was 100% right. Your comment directed towards me also has a lot of truth…aside from everything to do with me.

    2. @Pookie Penguin The amount of stupid people online with bias, sexist, double-standard bullshit opinions does make it hard to know when someone is joking or just truly saying something stupid. Forgive the assumption.

    3. CelinettaTheWitch wow, eating a big slab of humble pie here. My apologies for misinterpreting who your comment was directed to.

    4. @ Davel Foote I don’t think you misinterpreted anything. My other computer auto-completes the post I was replying to. Without that, my reply was easily mistaken as being directed towards you. No harm, no foul. You make strong points and that is respectable.

  3. And all of these women have nothing to say except dee da dee

  4. Women should have a special driving test, they are really dangerous on the roads.

    1. It seems by the data, there is an innate difference in the female gender that makes for poor driving. I’m sorry if that annoys, „puts down“, or otherwise puts women „below“ Men…facts are facts. No doubt there are many characteristics of Women that Men just cannot do…we would all be best served if we acknowledge our differences…it is the application of value towards each „innate tendencies“ that puts people off…perhaps we should value them all equally.

    2. With the whole spacial awareness thing, I think the biggest factor in that is woman are usually shorter than men but they get stupidly big cars where they can’t see over the hood which is a „requirement“from where I’m from, (I have seen someone barely able to look over the steering wheel), but this is a main trend from what I’ve noticed.

    3. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirms that male drivers cause 6.1 million accidents annually, while women are at fault in 4.4 million crashes per year. read it and weep boys!

    4. Glapos Wu

      5 months ago
      Women should have a special driving test, they are really dangerous on the roads.“ This is the original post. That’s what I’m replying to. And there are several comments saying that women have special driving tests and women make more mistakes in driving than men. So my comment is not odd in „THIS“ context. Perhaps you should follow the tread of the conversation and not just read only the previous comment to the one I made.

  5. The lady in this first clip cleaning her car in the middle of a rain storm is actually kinda smart. Not wasting her own water, there for no extra house bills, and with the harsh rain storm she is actually cleaning her car very well.

    1. It is to an extent; it was during what looked like an early stage of an approaching hurricane.

  6. You should change that to 21 million cuz of all the Asian drivers

    1. I hope you’re not being sarcastic?

      Especially at ‚cuz of all Asian drivers’…

  7. What the hell happend at 7:39 ? The kid can be see on the left side of the road, the MILF stops the car and runs after it .. WTF .. did she just forgot her kid at a gas station and she was going back to get him? Is there an acronym for Mothers I’d Like to Report to Child Protection Services ?

    1. matt, everyone here is aware of that, thanks for pointing out the obvious.

    2. DonCristoBaal Looks like a kidnap to me. The kid looks forced

    3. No one ever suspects a woman, especially a good looking one.

  8. Actually, the first woman was pretty smart. Don’t waste water.

    1. Actually stupid… You have to rinse your car off to get the dirt,sand,grit off your paint..Because if you just rub a rag over it,you scratch the paint,causing more damage than just being dirty… Pretty dumb !

    2. she saved at most a dollar of water…. if you are that fucking cheap then i don’t see the point of even owning a car. ffs cars are an investment. if more people would clean them properly and take care of them, they could get a decent return when its time to sell.

    1. At least the crash whilst driving with Mama will be a slow one, the one you have with papa will kill you.

    2. I don’t, she is a liar, constantly getting into accidents, constantly getting pulled over and getting tickets, and constantly being dropped by insurance. I at age 38 have never been in any accidents, not even an accident that was not my fault, I have avoided many that others tried to cause, I got a speeding warning around 2002 and that is it, and I have great insurance rates.

    3. Ricky also, it’s young teens to twenties males that cause accidents so likely not papa. However women of all ages, so mama, cause accidents and run over children while driving on sidwalks drunk. Another time a woman killed a pedestrian in a hit and run and her excuse was the sun was in her eyes. Even completly blind, how do you not realize you ran something or someone over? My brothers female friend from school fell asleep and totaled her s.u.v. into a tree on the wrong side of the road after jumping the curb. Another one lost her license fof being a deadbeat mom and not paying child support and is still driving. Don’t worry, she will be pulled over soon for speeding and will be arrested yet again, very likely drunk as well with her two youngest kids in the car. Hopefully she will lose them too, or go to jail again before she kills them.

  9. The “ I had enough room“ chick, is the reason why I bought a dash cam. Cause of the end of the day, it’s your word against theirs and having video evidence speeds the whole court process.

    1. soo true …. hate it when some one does something wrong and start blaming the victim -_-

    2. Except in that case the evidence is pretty obvious she was the one at fault. You have the right of way not her.

    3. oh yea? i rear ended a person and won , my word against hers. it was her fault though but you know how people say you rear end someone it is automatically your fault? welp not for me i guess.

  10. 9:39 DAYUMM! that little mofo got swiped and his leg crushed,, hope that’s not permanent damage

    1. Hard eff’n hit. I mean, if someone is stopped at a crosswalk ahead of you.. you should uhhh.. stop too?!

    2. Daniel Harris My brother almost hit a dude one time, one car was also waiting at a crosswalk in front of him

    3. Daniel Harris yeah she went onto the other side of the road as well


  11. 2:08
    I hope that kid’s ok, I bet you a shiny nickel the driver of the dark colored car was on their phone and definitely not paying attention to the road

    1. Kenneth Mathis-Simpson id really like some sort of follow up, that kid definitely had some sort of broken leg

  12. Should’ve just renamed the video „21 odd looking kitchens“

    1. Of course they will, they hate facts and evidence so these videos will be a nightmare for them

  13. 9:40 was the kids fault because he didn’t look and ran out in traffic. However you are supposed to stop when other cars are stopped at a crosswalk so it is the woman’s fault as well for not paying attention.

    1. Are you dense? She passed into oncomng traffic to run through a crosswalk FFS.

      Get a clue.

    2. Walrus_War_King 16 Black car was passing at a crosswalk and was going to ram oncoming traffic too!

    3. why was the black car driving on the wrong side of the road

    4. both the kids and her fault.But the kid’s fault is only being stupid and careless

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