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  1. Only thing worse than an entitled BMW driver, is an entitled Prius driver

  2. If you’re a good driver you’ll l be a good driver at any car ,If you’re a bad driver you’ll be a bad driver at any car

    1. dude my first car (the 1 i daily drive) is a volvo and i dont talk about a new 1 i mean an older 1 here in sweden u can get a good older volvo for around $500

  3. All these videos sums up BMW drivers here in Arizona.

    Any chance for a Tesla, Prius, and Smart Car compilation?

    1. I’m in Tucson and have a 2007 525i. I drive that car cautiously in town because I don’t want it torn up or get someone else killed or maimed.. I will take it out on the highway and play a bit, but only on empty roads. I have a conscience.

    2. They are not as massive as the leading brands like BMW, Merc etc.

    3. I’m driving x5 in Phoenix and yet have to see a single bmw driver driving bad. Maybe it’s just my luck, I don’t know, but I often see truck drivers lacking driving skills

  4. You can find bad drivers in any make and model. BMW gets a bad rap because non BMW drivers get mad at the sight of us.

    1. lol poor boy can’t afford a bmw and has an inferiority complex trying to find excuses lol

  5. It’s not just BMW drivers I see lots of BMW cars where I live and it’s other cars that drive bad also it’s not only BMW look at any car crash video and it will prob not be bmw this video was lame

    1. Sorry mate, that was directed at none other than professor plum, aka Craig I 😉

    2. Craig l i want to see these statistics that you keep sayinf exist. I own a BMW and i drive a semi with over 2 million accident free miles. From my vantage point, i see all kinds of drivers in all kinds of vehicles doing stupid and aggressive things. Pickup and suv drivers tend to be the most aggressive because of a false sense of security. Don’t fool yourself however, i see people in small cars darting in and outnof traffic and doing dangerous maneuvers.

    3. that’s because bmw is a real drivers car, unlike some shitty trucks or domestic cars

    1. An Ethnic Cleansing For The Better of Humanity sagt:

      ProductionsJoe cant get the 1 series in the US

  6. im sorry he does what with the child hanging out of the window ….. i hope social services are shown the video

  7. 6:30 This is the fault of the guy in the vw golf because it was not visible.

    1. Well the fffing VW don’t have headlights on, and it’s seems pretty dark out there, there is also crest where VW comes, so i truly understand why BMW driver didn’t see that VW. But the speeding i don’t understand…

    1. Adammartini well off soccer moms. Lower income would drive odyssey or sienna lol

    2. fuckboy have you seen x5 50i or x5m? They can track a lap faster than an M3! Educate yourself before writing nonsense

  8. Black BMW, with black windows & black wheels ! is my dreams

    1. New Age Studio lmao set your sights alot higher dude thats nothing special


    1. that guy also hung his baby off the roof off a high rise apartment building by one leg. Its all for social media followers. Hes crazy his baby should be taken away from him for sure.

  10. BMW cars simply won’t handle idiots, idiots who think they can handle BMW.

    1. Most basic bmws handle amazingly for dealer made intentions, then there sportier line up handles better than most cars out. You need to try again bud lol

    2. Yogeshwar C B wrong, wrong, wrong. Most bmws actually handle quite well. Have you ever considered the possibility that it’s the inexperienced muppets that can’t drive rwd cars properly? Sure amg mercs have even more power, so do most rwd supercars. You can’t control it is different to the car being uncontrollable. Maybe you just need some driving lessons.

  11. 0:49 that’s what i call perfect handling. rice mobiles would have failed to execute that ultimate manoeuvre.

    1. Ronald Simon and from what we could hear, it was a N55 335i. It clearly sounds like a inline six

    2. Brand has nothing to do with it, amateur… It’s about the parts, now go play with your toy cars…

  12. If BMW didn’t attract bad drivers, it wouldn’t be a stereotype. Its all about statistics.

    1. piddyirishman just got offended by something on the internet. First time using it? Does mommy know you have her phone?

    2. Bruce Banner does daddy know you have his phone and you’re trolling on the internet? Fucking grow up, childish imbecile.

    1. lmao they can drive better than US drivers that’s for sure. All you need to do is check US car crash videos

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