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  1. The second guy saw that cow didn’t even try and stop there is no way he didn’t see that cow

  2. who in the hell stops for a bird? a bird is nothing but a bigger bug that will make a splat on your windshield, no reasion to risk life for not hitting it.

    1. well i mean it could have jarred them but not many people react like that aha

  3. cars are too dangerous for animals we have to get rid of all cars save the animals

    1. ikr yeah but they’re not dangerous for people at all right?
      i mean who even had died in a car accident before

  4. an idiot cussing at an animal. yeah that was great. #NOT

  5. 1:20 it looks like the sheep understand what the driver said and replied you could only see my butt

  6. 3:06. Insurance claim fraud attempt? By a kangaroo? Another great collection, thanks.

  7. the most hilarious one 0:52 i had to stop it several times because i was not able to breathe

  8. 2:00 That elephant seems so happy sniffing the truck. It’s a snack filled joy!

  9. It was one sheep and judging by the „gentleman’s“ accent somewhere in the hills of Scotland where one would expect to encounter sheep, don’t it war rented that kind of language.

  10. 1:43 hahahahahaha he ate it!! hHAHAHA Allah willed it that muhfucka

  11. animals are NOT dumb.
    They may act dumb, but I know from seeing this, they are smart and know what to do.
    After all, they did learn how to do stuff from human beings, and did it their own way!

    I liked the kangaroo trying to hit the car!
    That was bit funny!

    There was that elephant, pushing off the truck bed cover, JUST to get something to eat!

    There was that black bear, who opened the car door.
    That was really smart for a bear to do!

    These animals, do NOT underestimate an animal of ANY size!
    You’d be learning a lesson somewhere.

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