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    1. I think they panic and freeze up, and are then helplessly along for the rid

    2. Egg-Roll dunno, maybe you could just let go off your leg from any pedal instead
      let the car momentum ride it away rather than gas all the way

  1. The only thing im ok with arabs in Dubai is, that women should not drive cars lol

    1. Saudi Arabia… I know both are, but this one is bigger and more important. LOL

    2. Actually women are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia,albeit not in the mega cities which are usually accident prone.Look it up on Google.

  2. The woman at 1:48 just really, really wanted the parking spot across from her.

    1. thats was a BMW only parking space, and the BMW’s natural Audi enemy needed to be shown who’s boss

  3. That woman from 4:43 onwards must be the worst case I have ever seen. Incredible feat.

    1. It wasn’t meant to. But considering how triggered you are it clearly did.

    2. Oh I see. Your crude insults weren’t ‚meant‘ to wound. Your words are not ‚triggers’…a-holes are, though.

  4. If you struggle with 2 pedals… maybe driving isn’t for you.
    Honestly people should be given a driving ban, and forced to retake the test after the ban has lifted.

    1. Stick is how I learned to drive. I was driving a large truck with a double clutch at age 17. Oh, I should mention that I’m a woman.

    2. cat bee: so? you can be the one in million woman who can drive. It doesn’t change the naked fact: women cant drive! if the world wasn’t run by women, if it was a fair world, 99% women shouldn’t ve allowed to drive!

    3. ukpauliogazzio yeah they do that…it’s called license suspension

    1. I’m with you. My mind can only handle so much stupidity.

  5. Ages ago my Drivers Ed teacher told me that ‚if you press the break and the car keeps accelerating then press the other break with your left foot“.

    1. Kraang ‎‎‎‎‎‎​ Right, but what I’m talking about is when a vehicle (like my 2002 F150) has a foot operated emergency brake on the left side where other vehicles would have a dead pedal. Because then (let’s say your brake pedal is not stopping the vehicle) you would use your left foot to depress the emergency brake pedal. 🙂

    2. i fucked up once when i started driving . was creeping forward with foot slightly on gas then i needed to brake and stupid me hit the gas still. BUT my IMMEDIATE instinct was to brake when i realized that and i traveled only like 5 feet. what i dont underatdn is how people in the video dont realize it instanrtly

    3. Mine just said „when everything isn’t working, just mash something all the way down with each foot.“ You won’t slow down very quick if you get the gas and clutch, but at least you’ll stop speeding up. If you get gas and brake, full braking should always win out over the engine.
      With my big feet, when I’ve tried that in small cars just to see, and I end up getting all three pedals anyway.

  6. „I don’t know how that happened, the building must have moved!“

    1. Egg McMffn my parents have a market.
      My father put a HUGE granite boulder on the edge of the curb (earlier there was a tree but it was mowed down by a driver).
      A female driver got around the corner and hit it so hard that the boulder was on the street!
      Driver: „Ofcourse i hit it! Its on the street“
      Father: „its on the street because of you!“
      Driver „oh“

  7. i can imagine the feminist defence: “ these cars are designed by men“

    1. Go Fucking look up the statistics women ARE better drivers then men. That’s in multiple countries. Are you incapable of thinking? Seems like you are! Have a great day.

    2. Bernadette Gonzalez and i can find shitloads of stats to prove you wrong….especially considering your stats are from the 60s when most women didn’t drive….stats are bullshit…like womens ability to multitask while driving

    3. My statistics are from 2015 not 1960. Where are these statistics you’re talking about? Post the link.

  8. Is it me or do most women seem to have a serious delayed reaction to stopping their car when they accidentally hit the gas?

    1. called leadfooting, they get scared and hold the gas

      they’re like deer in headlights

    2. Jsalcedo23 Only takes one time. I’d still consider the bike if I was you. Your luck won’t hold out forever when you can’t tell one pedal from another.

    3. The fact that you’ve never been in an accident doesn’t mean that none have happened because of you. Maybe other people were quick to respond to your mistakes OR you really are a perfectly fine driver. Eitherway missing a pedal is a rookie thing to do and I hope it happend when you were 16.

    4. Justin Eakin woman are slow and dont have surround awareness

    1. Cat Bee no…i just have my eyes open and see all the positive sexism for women….they got tits and tears….lets give them a break…sorry the real world isnt full of unicorns and pink puppies….the world is run by women whether you believe it or not

  9. If you cant tell the brake from the gas… you shouldn’t be driving. Regardless of gender.

  10. Saudi-Arabia banning women from driving doesn’t seem so bad after watching this.

    1. lfsracer79 They recently legalized it, so I guess we will have more fail compilations.

  11. YouTube needs a ‚Cringe‘ button… I just can’t believe that even once people realize they’ve pressed the wrong pedal, they continue to do so.

  12. The 2 petals feel different, how the hell does anyone confuse them that badly.

    1. dumb women can’t even compare to dumb men

      they’re on a whole different level of stupid

    2. It’s like pouring lemon juice on a paper cut, realizing it hurts like hell, but still doing it

  13. There’s a reason why women were just gatherers, and stayed in or near the village, cooking and taking care of the children, and the men where hunters, fought battles and took care of the whole clan. That’s not patriarchy, that’s not misogyny, that’s not inequality, that’s EVOLUTION! Women did not evolve to perform complex tasks, and that is a FACT, no matter how bad you women want to believe otherwise. Times have changed, the clothing and the technology it’s different, but women’s brain pretty much is the same. Don’t feel bad, it’s not an insult, it’s just reality. Multitasking skills are not your forte.

    1. Superscience is right. There is a reason we didn’t let women vote, or hold positions of power. This video shows you why. Women are emotional. They react poorly to stressful situations. That’s why we see so many continue to hit the gas long after the initial mistake. ALso….. THIS IS WHY HILLARY LOST!!! LMAO

    2. Interesting that you interpreted my posts as projection. Like no one commenting here is projecting? Anyways, thanks for your stats. Not that anyone was asking for them, but good for you! And congrats on being all grown up and fitting into big boy pants. So, in response to you, here are a few of my answers:
      * no basement living here, bud. Have owned my home for years
      *3 cars and one motorcycle–paid off
      *no debt
      *my life is pretty damn good
      I’ll try not to overload you but here are a few more facts:
      *I’m educated and a healthcare professional
      *I also own a small business
      *I have a perfect driving record (just saying…)

    3. Your definition of ’superscience‘ is…?? And I have a suggestion…if you ever have to be hospitalized, try not to code or go bad unless a man is there to save you. Because, as you say, women ‚react poorly to stressful situations‘ so this would mean that they will just scream and run out of the room instead of saving your life. Did I mention that most nurses are women?? Hmmm, doesn’t that fact suck.

    4. Cat Bee
      Definition of superscience??? It’s the OP’s name idiot!!!
      It WAS a man who did my cancer surgery thank you very much. Nurses are 2ndary. Nurses are helpers. As women should be!!! BURN!!

    1. Thank you, Tony Super Stupid. Actually, physics was one of my favorite subjects in college. You?

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