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  1. speaking of strange traffic there was one time I was in traffic and we couldn’t go through the intersection because in the center of it there were 2 cars stack ontop of eachother. like wtf how did that happen

    1. Maybe cause there you need to have a dash cam acording to the law?

    2. I dont think you really need one. I think most of the people there just buy one to show it to the lawer if something bad happens.

  2. Im ordering one of those manual wipers on Amazon right now.

    1. If it comes in a „hot naked girl“ version, I’ll order one too!

  3. When your car is hit by a tank, then your proper fucked up.

    1. Tony — Bit anal aint yer … calm down you little Fag . You overdosed on eating your crayons or something?

    1. on 3:17?
      It’s VAZ 2102
      70’s soviet car. Its place in a museum or in a car dump.

  4. 3:56 dickmove but really funny.

    9:00 So the solution of not having wipers beiing unable to see is to have a guy sit on the top of your car blocking your view?

    1. Not completely blocking the view. Driver’s side in India is the on the right – same as Australia. „Manual wiper“ is sitting in front of the passenger seat.

  5. Nice to see kind person helping old man cross the road, but dragging him because he is too slow? Amazing!

    1. What happened? Did the man temporarily pass out? I’ve heard of people who have an illness that causes them to faint several times a day. I wonder if the poor guy has that illness.

    1. Johannes Blech A version of James May’s SalfaRomeab from the limousine challenges show obviously 🙂

  6. seeing that apc crash into that car from 2 different angles was awesome @1:09

    1. ƹ̵̡ӝ̵̨̄ʒ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ƹ̵̡ӝ̵̨̄ʒ sagt:

      in russia because of many many many much drunked driver accidents, all of the people have a camera in their cars for capturing some accidents ))
      there is just like this : „Hey Vlad! good morning.. common Let’s take a few cinematic crashe scenes today!!“

    2. Not gonna win against that BTR, not that the driver of the car saw it coming anyway. 😛

    3. it’s not about drunken accidents actualy, but sure russians you know vodka vodka balalayka…

  7. Explaining to the insurance man that a tank sideswiped you. They are like yeah yeah sure you did, then you say your in Russia and they’re like okay totally plausible. And you have the video to prove it!

    1. That’s why so many Russians have dash cams. It’s the best way to explain to their insurance people what happened.

  8. Guy is an idiot. Lights and sirens so he steps on the gas pedal.

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