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  1. This should be an winter Olympic sport…car curling. In summer, car bowls.

  2. Congrats on ths 100 k subsricbers. These drivers amaze me, they drive way too fast in the conditions, showing total disregard for them selves and any others, just morons who shouldn’t have a license to drive, assuming they do have a drivers license in the first place.

    1. some of these(the videos shot by a bystander or from the apartments 4:11 for eg they are almost stopped at the top of the hill) are drivers who lose traction on the ice and start to roll down a hill and gather speed due to the lack of traction and steepness of the hill….still…they shouldn’t even attempt it if they can see other cars in trouble. And if they have summer tyres on they are fucked..even winter tyres don’t‘ work that well in those condition.
      Most of the in-car clips..yes…too fast..I think they get complacent in countries with regular snow in winter.

    1. They do, but the key word is ’sell‘ means you have to spend money, not something people generally do.

    2. @Michael Nahod: Hopefully. the truck has snow tires so the Vodka arrives safely.

  3. One would think, that with living with snowy winters, the Russians would know that snow is slippery for cars.

    1. Mike Savage problem is they’re usually inebriated from chugging too much vodka LOL

  4. In all of these snow-laden videos that I have watched I have seen only one that exemplified taking their foot ‚off of the accelerator‘ to correct an out of control skid. I guess they don’t teach that in Russia. I still hold to the idea that all drivers should be required to watch videos like this and „Retarted Drivers“ videos and similar to renew their driving privileges. …. Snow usually means = slow.

    1. Russians never learn, they don’t give up on speeding because hurry to get home for vodka because driving while theirs vodka level getting low.

    2. At 8.00 minutes is a perfect example. How they ever expected to get round that bend at that speed, just crazy.

    3. Sometimes to make a turn in the snow, if you have fwd, you gotta floor it.

  5. Wow. Lots of strikes, spares AND gutters in this video. You could say this video is in its own league.

  6. Never needed winter tyres or chains. Difference being, I can drive FFS.

    1. If you live and drive in the flattest area on Earth, sure. Try making a panic stop on a downward hill in below freezing temperatures with snow and ice on the roads. You won’t stop with your hardened all season rubber compound. They’re not that expensive either. Much cheaper than an insurance deductible, or prison time if you kill someone because they fell in front of you and you couldn’t stop or go around them.

    2. Scotty B. I get what you are saying, all good advice, but it doesn’t help on steep grades that also corner. You just can’t go slow enough to maintain control on a/s tires. And if you go too fast to try and maintain some semblance of traction you under steer on that corner.

      But I live in the mountains/ridges(whatever it’s called), so maybe I’m just blowing out of proportion based on my own experiences, experiences most people probably never have. Just my 2 cents though.

  7. Snow and black ice! Let’s drive fast! Yay! Let’s overtake! Yay!

    1. They don’t know how to drive, period. Bunch of morons, worse than the Asians behind the wheel of a car.

  8. Russia. A country full of knobhead drivers. Stay off the vodka and think ‚maybe ice and snow is slippery, maybe I should slow down?‘

  9. How many of these could have been easily avoided by merely slowing the frack down.

    1. I work at a bodyshop. people like these keep us very busy lol. That and texting lol.

    1. Yes – that!
      I have an important appointment with a snowbank that I have to get to…

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