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  1. 2:25 LUL looks like the boy doesnt care about his mother …. maybe push or something that she wont get killed

  2. Dude in Ontario at 6:15…hope he got NAILED. I’m sure that driver was DUI

    1. B.b.b.but… women don’t abuse alcohol… Prince Feminist Justin Trudeau say so…
      Ohh, it was her abusive patriarchy husband driving…

  3. The ones in the snow, give me a break. The vehicle has nothing to do with treacherous driving conditions.

    1. So no driver can do the job in snow conditions? Not all cases in this video are the same, no break to you

    2. Ruben Campbell yes, I know that. You didn’t pay any attention to my comment.

    3. But it has to do with people who think they can speed in the snow just because they have a bigger car.

    1. What is a minivan? According to Toyota (?? That one) theirs is a mini van, but Mazda didn’t with theirs… good discussion, same moronic drivers which is a constant lol

  4. I’ve long been convinced most minivan drivers are actually trying to kill their children by the manner in which they drive.

  5. I find most mini van drivers to be more courteous and safer than most.

  6. 4:14 driving thru THE ZONE right there =P.. stalkers can’t drive i suppose

  7. 1:53 the girl in the corner was like „I’m just sweeping doing my work“ crash „OMG SOMEONE ALL MOST DIED! Well, back to work I go.“

    1. it takes far more than that to kill a motorcyclist if they’re wearing the gear. That’s really quite light as far as a bike crash goes. Very unlikely to kill.

  8. They drive a minivan it’s Dodge Caravan we ate stop no one stopped and nobody pees

  9. Saw acommercial today where some hybrid Volvo stopped at a pedestrian crossover by itself when the driver managed to get distracted by some coffee spilling i the cupholder, saving a girl from being run over. My comment was just: „For ignorant and inattentive morons only“. Though I think it’s good we’re getting cars like that as lives will be saved from being ended by cell phone drivers and people dumb enough to put coffee cups in the cupholders and drive off.

  10. I drive a minivan. Got a problem with that?

    1. That’s why the minivan needs one. You’ll be the unique dude with the tricked out vehicle.

    1. Chris Dark *Most of these are not minivans learn grammar*

  11. whos at fault at 9:29? I mean the van driver did use his signal

    1. Soma Cruz yeah but they weren’t in the correct lane. If you look there is a 3rd lane for left turns only

    2. and if the mini van hadn’t stoped that wouldn’t have happend I think

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