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400 HP Mitsubishi Evolution 9 vs. 400 HP Subaru Impreza WRX STI Time Attack

The Pure Pitch Method – Perfect Pitch Ear Training


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  1. ah youre finaly back. It was boring without your channel

    1. actually…most boring video i watched today…take another break…

  2. Great video but it’s not really fair to the Subi. Maybe if they were designed with a good chassis and engine it would be fair. Boxer engine = marketing gimmick.

    1. no doubt. But anti-lag helps a lot in these short sprints. Subie for me cause boxer lol

    2. Boone Luebchow nice BMW on profile pic. I still prefer BMW over these two cars lol. I have 135i

    3. Derek Yie oh sick. I have an e36 but about to go to college so gonna have to slow down working on her for the time being 🙁

    4. Definitely in the handling on dry. Not in power or handling in the rain or snow.

  3. Subaru did it with finesse and the evo with speed

  4. The suspension on the sti isn’t on par with the evo, seems to be having horrible body roll

  5. The Evo farts too much, That STI sounded better in my opinion. I think the timing difference is is probably mostly due to the driver, the EVO driver just went nuts 🙂

  6. All I see here is one driver is clearly more skilled than the other. Just cause a car has a little bit of power doesnt meant the driver is worth anything lol
    I barely heard the STI driver change a gear lol
    The EVO driver was banging up and down as he should have.

  7. Thats not stock cars with only power upgrades to 400 hp, stock 400 vs stock 400 sti is better for sure !

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