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5 Amazing DIY PLUMBING Tools ( Amazon ) 2018 #05

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5 Amazing DIY PLUMBING Tools ( Amazon )

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    1. Normal work trousers… Type in „Construction work trousers black“

  1. He’s wearin his dark blue 12 pocket carpenter jeans designed by
    Tim-the tool man-Taylor. What the hell do you mean what kinda pants is he wearing.

  2. Number 2 would be better if you could do Wirsbo fittings also.

  3. Hey that’s alright!!! The tool designed to replace leaky valves is a must have.

    1. Myles Mastersen No good if the gate valve is seized only half open.

    2. Jet sweats are awesome but you need plenty of room for them

    3. Myles Mastersen its a jetswet it comes in handy when a main doesn’t hold. You have to make sure there’s a way to relive pressure if not joints won’t seal or when get ready to take it off it suck the jetswet into the pipe and you’ll be screwed

  4. Number 2 is not for plumbing that’s for acr tube havc industrie

    1. Yes it is, I’m a plumber and I know tens of other plumbers who use swedges in pipes so they don’t need to apply fittings only solder.

  5. The hilmor is an hvac tool made exclusively for our industry

  6. They’re all stupid the only useful thing I saw here was the jetswet

    1. Omar Hernandez grips are handy, cutters handy. Non we’re stupid, when you’re in a sticky situation and it gets you out there no longer stupid

    2. Omar Hernandez agreed. But, with pex copper is been used less and less. Sad some people who call themselves plumbers don’t know how to sweat anymore

  7. Basically all these “DIY” must haves aren’t meant for the basic home jober. Stop advertising and listing these as diy.

  8. Been plumbing since 98 and I don’t even pick a set of chanies unless they have blue handles, and straight chaws.

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