5 Auto Repair Tools You NEED To See

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5 tools and equipment for car repair You need to see

1. Klutch Pneumatic Dent Puller – www.northerntool.com
2. Malco Products Hemming Tool – malcoproducts.com
3. CV joint puller tool – www.toolspecial.com
4. CV boot gun air tool (VKN 402) – www.vsm.skf.com/uk/en
5. Telescopic Lever With Ratchet – www.kstools.com

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  1. I’ve never seen a CV boot stretch that much, even the buna-n nitrile boots we used on aircraft landing gear!

    1. You don’t need one of those air powered torure tools. Just buy a cone which gives you a smooth ‚ramp‘ to push the stretch boot over the fat end of the CV joint.

    2. Those CV boots that are stretchable are usually made out of neoprene. I bought a boot kit one time from an auto parts store to replace the outer one just like in the video. But I didn’t have that special tool shown in this video. A funnel, a little bit of motor oil, and some elbow grease ; I was able to slip the boot on after several attempts.

    3. We had the cheap version at work. A long funnel and had metal rack the boots sat on. Was perfect for those honda that the shock bolt didnt want to come out and let the axles be remove from car

    1. David’s Favorite Videos it is. i think 72-1 ratio. truck parts stores sell them

    2. Yep. I think that would be a much better thing to
      put in the tool kit box of the 3/4 and 1 ton and
      up pickup trucks. Have you ever tried to change a
      tire with that silly tire iron they do put in?

    3. Just use a breaker bar with those nuts! No need for extra tools

  2. I’ve never had a suction puller work on dents; they can’t grab onto uneven surfaces, so what’s the point?

    The hemming tool is extremely specialized; I would order a whole new door before I put that kind of labor in.

    Cv joints… does anyone do this themselves, anymore? I don’t even change boots, it’s easier and not much more expensive to change the whole half-axle.

    The last one is a torque multiplier, been around for ages, really only useful for big truck and RV bolts on the road.

    1. The door skin tool would be cool. I work in a body shop and I do them by hand old school hammer and dolly. For me personally I found out I can get a better fit and finish if done by hand and from start to finish 45 mins to an hr. Not to bad when it pays 5.5 hrs to skin a door.

    2. the suction puller is is pneumatic and will 100% grab every time cause it sucks the air out from between the cup and panel. its also paintless dent repair saving people thousands.

    3. This 2:59 is an anal tool! Very cool to see the anal procedure! For more videos, my channel is for you.

  3. I’ve used the last one very handy for removing tight nuts

    1. SLAV willis is mad for the k11 micra use an impact wrench is better

    2. soud mate yeah ur write and easy to tighten too but u could strip the nuts or ruin a thread but yeah its better

  4. Snap on used to make that same Cv tool. Then they discontinued because they were explodong. I used one that did. It destroyed a fender and fender well on a 98 civic. It was al l bad.. luckily one of those fingers didn’t go through my chest or eyeball when it exploded. Didn’t look like there was any change…. 10 years later…

    1. I was wondering about that one. Can you really expand any type of boot clear over the CV-joint?

    2. SLORRIFJART321 I wouldn’t say that… As there are different sized boots and CV’s. But if you have a boot that goes with your CV… Sure

    3. Works amazing, the only problem is that you have to use universal boots designed for it. You cant use original because they are not flexible enough. So the fitment is not always correct on the cv

    4. I would have thought that ordinary boots aren’t flexible enough.

  5. Let’s pull the dent out then rub our leather gloves over paint scratching it all up! At least the dent is gone.

  6. Simple question. Who wastes that kind of time replacing torn cv boots? For 1, if the grease had been slung out of the joint, there may be a worn out axle joint that you are liable for since you told your customer it is perfectly fine. And 2, the labor for paying a tech to disassemble the suspension, remove old clamps and boots, halfass wipe out old grease leaving behind moisture and possible metal particles, install new boots, grease, and clamps would easily surpass the cost of a reman or even new axle. I mean it is already disassembled, all that is added is a new part and less labor. That’s not even factoring in the cost of what looks to be an expensive tool. How do you recoup that cost? No practical shop wastes their time like this. Unless you need to fix lets say a Daewoo, and the axle isnt available anymore. Are we buying tools now for the next time a random Daewoo comes in? Gimme a break.

    1. Its useful and saves removing the cv joint, I don’t care about customers because like 99% of people I don’t work in a workshop.

    2. James Hughes so you bought this for personal use? With the axle hanging there, all it takes is a prybar to pop the axle out of transaxle. It is seriously 10 seconds worth of work. A new axle runs roughly $100 for most cars with new boots, bearings, all of it. Just tap it in and reassemble. How much was the tool?

    3. Jon Doe I saw some mechanics do it when I was a kid but with Auto Zone you can get a rebuilt of like $80. I totally agree, you’d be wasting time and money with this tool.

  7. Rubs his leather glove across the door like it’s gonna change the door lol..

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