5 Concrete Mixer Machine You NEED to See

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5 Concrete Mixer Machine You NEED to See

1. Self loading concrete mixer – www.dongfengjx.cn
2. RABAUD : mixing Bucket for concrete with blades – www.rabaud.com
3. Concrete Batching Vehicle – www.fiorigroup.com
4. Mounted concrete mixer RABAUD – www.rabaud.com
5. Liebherr Conveyors – www.liebherr.com

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  1. Close but no cigar. Shear bolts designed to shear in two places. Top and bottom.
    So shaft can spin free. That’s why its important to get proper length.
    Buy online for cbeap. Went 5 years on paved driveway, sides of roads, second driveway and 1/8 mile bridge (walking bridge Thopsam Maine to Brunswick Maine, towns too cheap to do , it.

  2. I have hauled, and pumped concrete for 40 years… Not Impressed.

  3. It’s difficult to get the accurate quantity of aggregates per batch

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