5 Construction Equipment You NEED to See

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5 Modern construction equipment you must have for construction work.
1. Heavy compactor leapfrog machine – www.cgshuanglong.net
2. Construction mini crane – www.wiskehrs.net
3. Electric sieve – verdeequipamentos.com.br
4. Wall plastering machine – www.ezrenda.com
5. Mobile Block Making Machine – www.bulldogplants.com

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  1. The first three – tamper, hoist, sifter – are mangling, crippling, killing nightmares.

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  2. I don’t think we need the first one. Might come in handy to open a coconut shell though

  3. Some people ARE SO JEALOUS that they didnt think of these great idea,s

  4. how can I get in contact with the dealer. how much is for the crain

    1. It’s spelled „crane“ and chances are if you can’t spell it you just gonna hurt somebody with it

    2. Jahville Forrester — what you want to buy, please contact us in email me to. mm131300@hotmail.com or call me too +8801941677077. I’m from Bangladesh. AND where you from?

  5. That concrete screed was nice idea, however I would definitely wonder about the clean up and if any material wasted/amount compared to others. Still thought it was clever design..
    You see it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to invent something useful..

  6. The first was is useless, I love the last one.

  7. Just about the most dangerous soil tamper I could imagine. Good for the third world where being maimed on the job is all in a days work.

  8. Kkkkkk tá parecendo minha sogra quando está com raiva .

    1. jajajaja you made me laugh with your statement.
      It looks like my mother in law when she is mad.

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