5 TOOLS That Will Help REPAIR Your CAR

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5 car repair tools You should have.

1. SKF Internal bearing pullers – www.skf.com
2. Collets for seal out steering rack – servicems.eu
3. Tiger Tool – Strut Compressor – www.tigertool.com
4. EGH – Miracle Dent System – www.lascare.nl
5. Sealey – Adapter Set Ball Joint Remover Installer – www.sealey.co.uk

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  1. very interesting
    Have a good week
    best regards Frank

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    1. გოგიტა კოტორაშვილი My thoughts exactly.

  5. Great tool but not for the cost, as little as one changes bearings even a lead tech it would take a lifetime for this tool to earn it’s keep. Too expensive.

  6. the 37 people who didn’t like this vid don’t work on their own car.

  7. Ive made most of these tools from bits available at the local hardware store for beer money. And beer is very cheap out here in the 3rd world.

  8. Way too costly item although the ball joint separator tool is good. Make your own tools and use your brain to remove with pul try tools available at hand ultimately you spend little bit more time that’s it guys save money every penny is worth in your life.

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