5 Ways to Jack UP Your Car

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5 ways to jack up your car.
Jack (device), a device for lifting cars and other heavy objects.

1. Cattini Mammut – Lifting Bags for trucks – www.cattini.eu
2. RakJak Hydraulic Air Bag Jack – www.calfinn.com.au
3. Safety Jack Stands – www.MyLiftStand.com
4. AUTOLift 3000 – www.autoliftproduction.com
5. TRESTLE JACKS – www.trestlejacks.com

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  1. Absolute attempt ignore charge load boundary hundred signature weapon.

    1. He used an electric drill with a 1/2″ square head adapter, not the same amount of force being used compared to an impact gun.

    2. Lmao your right, guess i wasnt paying too much attention to the actual tool

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