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  1. I don’t get blaming cops on the last one that so called mother did all that for a traffic ticket instead of just picking a option she decided running from police was the way to go umm no now she got her son hemmed up as well

    1. Pablo, children who grow up without THEIR father are: 20 times more likely to go to prison, 10 times more likely to be molested, and 5 times more likely to commit suicide. There are other numbers on this topic, like the percentage who finish school or get hooked on drugs but I didn’t memorize those. If you beat the odds, good for you. But, history has shown again and again when the family units breaks down, the society, and the country are right behind. Saddest thing is our government is paying sluts to breed. We call it welfare. Just like everything else the government does, whatever they call it is the exact opposite of what it does. BTW, nice language.

    2. I was wondering the same exact thing. They were a great position to box the SUV in…why they didn’t is beyond me. More training needed!

    3. Malcolm is probably Black..that’s why he typed what he did. Malcolm, you a Harvard or a Yale grad? LOL

    4. The police officer was shooting at the tires on the van, rendering the vehicle slower, and less maneuverable, possibly shortening the chase time, and ultimately lowering the risk of injury on anyone’s part. The people are trained marksman, they don’t go to shoot tires and shoot people, you need to understand the fault of these people, running from an officer evading arrest, assaulting an officer etc. The folks deserved all they got.

  2. 1:05 please don’t tell me that they’re legit listening to Barbie…

    1. To si mají to radio vypnout, když začnou hrát barbie??

    2. HOLY CRAP LOL! Good observation! That’s freaking HILARIOUS!! LOVE IT!

    1. It would’ve been legit to shoot all of them after they attacked a police officer

    2. You’re right but for the garbage you ought be allowed to get rid of it,spot on!! Everyone can see; law gets a bit lenient for 1 day and we pay for that for the next generations to come…..

    3. Seán O’Nilbud It may have started as a traffic stop, but she drove off not once but twice. That suggests that they were hiding something, as I’d assume that nobody would try to escape from the police for just getting a speeding ticket. Also notice that the shooting took place when she drove off the second time, after the boy tried to fight the officer and rescue the driver. I wouldn’t fault the police for shooting at the car in such a situation, although it has to happen immediately, since a handgun has poor accuracy above a couple of yards.

    4. the only thing supprising is the second time he stopped her he didnt wait for back up

    1. I’ve outrun them several times, gotta have a decent amount of power behind your car and be able to drive though. Any car with a GM 3.8L V6, either N/A or S/C will do the trick nicely even though they’re FWD. Even with todays police cruisers. I’ve managed to lose cops on several occasions, twice in an 06 Pontiac GP Base, and 5 time in an 03 Monte Carlo SS. Not hard, like I said, just have to be a good driver and have a decent amount of power behind the car. If the car has over a 6 second 0 to 60, don’t even try it.

    2. Portside Audio Unless they have a helicopter. Outrunning a helicopter is not an easy task, as most helicopters have a top speed in excess of 150 mph.

    1. Bro id be more pissed if that where my kid crying in the background.

    2. Ludicrous Films lol it was the same focus rs from around 1:15 in the video

    3. Zurph Like in “ pulling stunts“ at 1:15 driving reckless

  3. How hard is it to comply with police officers? It could make everyones day so much simpler and safer

    1. Stroke their ego and you will rarely ever even get a ticket lol. Some people are just to dumb for life.

    2. Agree, just comply their order even if the cop is in the wrong. If the ticket is unfair you can always appeal it to the proper authority later, don’t try to counter a wrong with another wrong.

    3. i once knew a guy that got a small speeding ticket reduced to a public nuisance charge (something like that) by telling the judge he’d like to subpoena the court for the calibration records of the radar units. or some weird lingo like that. he was telling me his motorcycle clubs attorney told him to request that because its a big hassle for the courts to deal with so its a way of twisting the judges arm into lowering the charge to something that wont affect your driving record.

    4. Well, if they had more than two functioning brain cells then they probably wouldn’t be breaking the law to begin with.

    5. ShadowStep 715 Especially if all you have done is speeding a little. If you run from the police, I’d suspect that you have committed more serious crimes that you don’t want the police to find out about.

  4. I can’t believe she deliberately put her kids at risk like that … clueless.

  5. last part ended well but that kid should have gotten a wippen

    1. Deputy Michael sick, then he will respawn to nearest hospital

    2. Clipydog Koli nah, he is still in prison, officers will reset his stats since he’s on death row.

    3. 2. Litterally how the police acts with 2 stars. 3 would be chopper, i didn’t see one. 4 is military vehicles, and 5 is heavy duty commercial vehicles or armored trucks.

  6. Number 9……….Perfect example of BLM in action. Ricked her entire family over a traffic fine.

    1. Dover Shores Who knows, maybe she had a dead body, narcotics or a cache of illegal weapons in the trunk. That would explain her behavior.

  7. I don’t understand why people try to run away. Most of these are daytime, once they call for backup do you REALLY think that you’re going to slip through their net, with all the resources they have available? Even if by some miracle you do manage to get away from the chase, they still have so many cameras pointed at you and your car that they will easily be able to identify and locate you soon after. Just take your ticket and move on!

  8. 8:52 idiot thinks a couple sharp turns are going to work haha nub

    1. suomynona Think it’s GTA were the cops somehow lose speed when you turn.

    2. lol its always GTA that gets these guys, if that car was stolen it was a poor choice for any of his moves.

  9. That last clip. Man, I remember when I saw the full thing 3 years ago. Still baffles me how an adult fails to follow simple directions

  10. Hope the kid in the last one’s proud of himself. Assaulted a cop and probably got a hell of a sentence trying to be the noble hero defending his incompetent mother who acts like a fool while her children are in the car.

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