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  1. 2:20 Left jab by the cop. Gotta love police brutality. NOT

    1. Philip Koen all we saw is a police officer firing a weapon at a car full of people on a routine traffic stop. If you have a video of the full stop, breathalyzer result included, then please post the link

    2. yodaslovetoy
      Are you stupid, drunk or just slow to comprehend? Shooting at a car full of people? Take another look and ask a toddler to explain to you what is going on on the video. Here is an explanation, if you can get somebody to slowly read and explain it to you:

      „After leading Nebraska state troopers on an hourlong chase that reached speeds of nearly 100 mph, the Colorado man was so intoxicated or impaired he could barely stand when ordered out of his van, falling back against it.

      Following the troopers’ orders, he put his hands up, and he kept them away from his body the whole time he stood before the troopers. He did not, however, comply with more than a dozen other commands to “Get down on the ground!”

      That’s when Trooper Lindsey Bixby took Brian Davis down himself — with the butt end of his rifle. A sharp crack rang out as Bixby leveled Davis with a strike to the side of the head, Davis crumpling to the ground“

    3. yodaslovetoy routine traffic stops aren’t usually conducted from a ditch

    4. Christopher U.S. Smith dont play stupid games you wont win stupid prizes

  2. 2:20 after the 100th „get on the ground“ i wanted to do the same 😀

    1. TheBigENN nawwwwwwwww guyyyyysassssss letsssssss talkkk this outttttrttr.

  3. Hey there was an idiot driver (no accident) in front of me i uploaded it, maybe you want to take it

  4. 2:20, after lying on his report and during court testimony about hitting the driver with the butt of his rifle, Trooper Lindsey Bixby later resigned from the Nebraska State Patrol. The governor fired the head of the State Patrol after a preliminary personnel review found “interferences in internal investigations and violations of internal policy at the highest levels of the Nebraska State Patrol.”

    1. if he did that to my goat dont have a wife end of story.tottally uncalled for

    2. she/he got many chances to get down. he/she deserved that.

  5. Don’t see how’s that considered karma. Most of the clips were just cops doing their job. But yup, they were probably all drunk. Agree on that one.

  6. The “karma” in the video title feels misplaced – half of the clips have nothing to do with it

  7. Turn………the………….horizontally. Geesh.

  8. 1:40 cops do not need to act like that. She is drunk, she is not a physical danger to them and does not need to be putting her hands up or be yelled at. Cops do not know how to act man

    1. Dashcam Karaoke really? How long were you a cop dealing with scumbags? Stfu moron

  9. 99.999 percent of police are great ppl just doin there jobs.thanks guys an gals

  10. What makes you think they’re ALL drunks and not garden-variety idiots?

  11. Well, what to say. Coppers with guns shouting to a complete drunk woman that hardly can stand up, no less understand, with her hands up in the air .. And then they (one of them) knocks her down! Male policemen (this one) have a serious problem with their manhood. I understand that the job is tuff. I also understand by reading comments that most of you are decant and I apoligize that i did not read the comments first.

  12. I would like to make a suggestion. If the videographer isn’t showing what’s going on, can you exclude that video please? It’s really annoying when the camera is filming the floor a wall, the ground or the main part of the event the camera goes down or up.. what’s the point in showing it??? Isn’t the point to see what happens?

  13. I do not believe in anything being to harsh concerning drunk drivers. They always get off way to light.

  14. Why do ALL american cops?? sound as they are scared as hell, and repeate one simple order 300 times, are they born cowards or what is wrong with the whole overweight police corps. They should not be cops but stand behind a cash in a bakery store.

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