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A Life Dedicated to Surfing Giants – This and Nothing Else – Part 4

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Meet Barry Mottershead. The South African was nipped by the travel bug at an early age and so he combed the globe, eventually falling in love with Ireland.

Barry now resides on the Emerald Isle and works as a kayak tour guide to make ends meet. And for fun? He surfs Ireland’s heaviest waves.

A regular at Mullaghmore, Barry talks about his addiction to big-wave surfing in a new episode of This and Nothing Else. It might just make you question the things that you're passionate about.

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25 Kommentare

    1. They get huge when the right swell hits. The same is probably true of all big wave spots tbh. Idk what’s biggest, but at Mavericks you have to paddle out a mile or so, this is pretty close to shore. Also, no sharks

  1. The Ocean provides so much, not only the pure waves that will change your life, but a job, to live to ride another day.

  2. Really great video, but I’m not sure that it’s more dangerous or hardcore than Teahupoo or other huge waves around the world, it’s definitely very different and depends on conditions and other variables I think.

    1. +Dave Lawton its just so cold and the weather is always horrendous.  hard place to get into the water

    2. +Simon Dent I know I totally understand it’s cold and dangerous as hell I surf in Canada so used to the cold all I’m saying is that it’s not necessarily more dangerous and hardcore than teahupoo or other big waves like he says in the video.

    3. +Dave Lawton fair enough. there is certainly a high chance of death on the reef at teahuppo or even pipeline.  the main difference here  i guess here there is just so much water and the conditions are so horrible you could get held down , washed out around and lost in the maelstrom.  once the weather turns finding anyone would be almost impossible & they don’t really seem like they have a massive support crew.  then again what do i know, i noodle around on 3 footers at sunny Sydney beaches!

    4. +Simon Dent yeah totally, im not saying its not crazy dangerous just saying its not necessarily more dangerous than other places its just dangerous in different ways

    5. the coldness of the water means that the the water is far denser than the tropical water found at other breaks. This means that it is much harder to move in the water causing longer hold downs with a much higher possibility of being held down for multi pal waves straight. 

  3. best to this guy in whatever profession he chooses he’s got the life part pretty much figured out

  4. Immaturity is spending most of you time and energy on what you „love“ instead of an adult focuses on who they love and spend most of their time thinking about someone other than THEMSELVES!

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