Alcatraz Prison [Truth] Documentary

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  1. Does anyone still think the Anglin brothers are alive? …Maybe there was some mercy on them because the crime they committed there was no death or heavy violence.

    1. yes they are still alive they were picked up by a boat in front of alcatraz prison the stuff they found in the water was to be found by the police so they thought they all died but they did not die and are still alive today

  2. If you didn’t trust the government to begin with what makes you start trusting them with an autopsy now? I would’ve had a family doctor do an autopsy. Not only that, why are you snitchin out your uncles great story? Just so you could be famous? Lame. No wonder they left y’all with just post cards

  3. I’m inclined to agree with the authorities on this one! They perished

  4. Alcatraz is a hoax that stories and movies are made about.

  5. Nothing to say they made it out of the water, except for the fact that they DID find the raft and footprints leading away from the raft lol. But yeah except that, they didn’t find anything. Now does that mean they made it? No. But it doesn’t mean they didn’t either.
    Come to think of it there was a lot of hush – hush about the founding of the raft. One has to wonder why?

  6. I always said they made it and was living out their life in South America, that is where all the criminals go.

  7. Great video! But I had to cut out a 3×5 card to block the pink and yellow lava lamp edge so I could watch the video and not have a migraine. What’s up with that? What’s wrong with a plain full screen?

  8. Firstly this is not a BBC production. Thats false.

    Also I noticed on Alfred’s death cert it states he died at 34 whereas his headstone states he was a minimum 35 or oldest 36????

  9. Albatross bygg om detta fina fängelse till era
    Låt era hemlösa
    Bo där så alla trivs med det.

  10. So the third brother jumps out of a window without so much as a micro-fracture anywhere? Maybe he was just suffocated ….. plus phone-book beatings didn’t leave traces! Still a cover-up there in my opinion. How many documented escapes from people about to be paroled?

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