Aliens & UFO Killing Humans – Documentaries

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  1. there’s no way to kill yourself that way your survival instincts would kick in and push yourself up.

    1. jon gatlin bullshit not if you hyperventilate which if you took several deep breaths then you could pass out and your instincts wont be able to kick in i remember back in high school a friend had me bend down take a bunch of deep breaths then stand up and he pushed on my chest i had my eyes wide open then fell flat on my face chiped 2 teath now had there been a rope tide to me it would have killed me same thing with auto-erotic asphyxiation, but with that being said it does seem a little strange

  2. Lol I didn’t say there wasn’t a way to kill yourself as you can die from most anything but someone healthy and otherwise alert can not kill themselves like that with out binding themselves. the people dying while jerking it do it by accident and are usually killed because they can’t get their garrote loose before they cum or black out from blood flow not suffocation.

  3. public knows what is called publicity…making fake ufo videos can not be worth for it.

  4. Anyone seriously interested in this issue should already know that the so-called „Alien Autopsy“ is a hoax film made by Ray Santilli. It is a fake alien body made of foam latex, just like in professional „Make-up Special Effects“ films. I worked in special effects for more than 20 years as a designer and sculptor on such films. I worked with Rob Bottin, Stan Winston, and Steve Johnson.
    Anyone familiar with the techniques will recognize the film is just clever special effects. But even more important is that Santilli himself admitted that the film was a fake.
    *So, WTF boys and girls?!?!*

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