Amazing CNC Machine – Working Process

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Amazing CNC Machine – Working Process
cnc milling machine Tsugami m50sy – www.tsugami.co.jp/eng

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  1. Seems like a casting of bronze aluminum or copper. Looks like a bit too much milling for a lathe with live tooling and sub spindle. C,Y,X,W axis are nice. It’s very time consuming to setup. Economical price at first: high live tooling attachments cost, high maintenance due to extensive milling. Intergrex is much more flexible.

    1. Costs are relative to profits. And an integrex is way more time consuming to setup compared to a live tool lathe

    2. Butch Diehl ,also talk.about the programming for an integrex

  2. se magari alla fine non copri le immagini del lavoro ultimato sarebbe meglio

  3. Nothing “AMAZING” about that at all. A straightforward piece of engineering.

    1. Peter Foster chill dude, I’m sure you can make a jet with a hacksaw

    2. Peter Foster

      For me the novelty has worn of since I have seen this type of turning every day for the past 10 years. Still amazing when you thing how much time it would take to machine on the manuals.

    1. But when you think about what it would take to make this on manual machines….

    2. Lewis57, it is a simple manual machining part. CNCs are just volume batch machines.

    1. Thats what is used because it’s a fixture holding the part.

  4. Not so amazing. A regular Y acus lathe with live tools and sub spindle

    1. I’ve used to run machines that did both operations (front and back) at the same time.

    1. graeme park there is still a guy who needs to program and set up the machine the robots cant do that

  5. Disliked for unremovable video recommendations blocking full view of the end result.

  6. Well done! Good bit of programming here, and an excellent setup job. Have never seen the saw used on a lathe like that, and was surprised by the use of UniBits for drilling. I know you made a killing selling all the brass chips after the parts were shipped!

  7. The engineer needs to go back to school  and learn how to simplify things. These new engineers think that just because I can draw it ,you should be able to make it.

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