America and The Nuclear Fusion


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  1. we are in a raft lost in space and they are proud of making holes in the raft…

    1. transneural and then blaming each other for it in a sick poplarity contest

    2. transneural and then blaming each other for it in a sick poplarity contest

    3. This raft as you call it has been around billions of years before we got here and will be around long after we’ve left. You can fight procession, but you can’t stop time.

  2. I have to admit, this is fascinating.  The science behind how it all works is amazing. Then the gut wrenching reality literally hits you.  What an incredible blunder the brilliant minds came up with.  The Earthly game of thrones, is real and utterly, gut wrenching.  It gives me bursts of anxiety that shock me out of sleep. That they would think up…so clever… to liquefy hydrogen to put in a super bomb… complete with its own refrigeration unit to magnify the power of the bomb exponentially, is just insane.  Perhaps the scientists self stopped at that point and somewhere a technology exists to go a million times more powerful.  But we stopped at the super.  It is all utterly gut wrenching.

  3. We can destroy the planet, but cant cure cancer or diabetes.

    1. If that was true, medical professional’s families wouldn’t have cancer and diabetes.

    2. they have the cure for cancer but why help people when they spend billions on it

    3. Lyuba Alexeievna Petrova In a strange way we have…these conditions are ‚age related‘, and connected to the fact that humans are on average living much longer than any other time in history today. Things have reversed, from mankind dying of infectious diseases, conflict and starvation, to mankind now dying of age related conditions, an inactive lifestyle and obesity.

  4. by abortion humans killed in only a 100 years (1 billion = 1 thousand million) humans in mothers.
    In Hiroshima 85 thousand got killed.
    So it takes 12 thousand Hiroshima nuclear bomb to kill 1 billion human children.
    It would take 30 years to kill 1 billion human children if every 1 day 1 new Hiroshima occured.

    1. 4000 nukes in our arsenal plus 4500 in Russia, that’s more than enough to kill 6,000,000,000 several times over both directly and indirectly

    2. P Franz Yes. Abortion has always been a part of human culture. There is no culture without it. But ppl doing abortions in their own little realities is one thing—a nuclear weapon that a few ppl can use to fry billions instantly, is quite another thing.

    3. Granted. But there is nothing even God can do about that without resorting to naked terror. God created free will because there is no concept of love for God or people without free will. God wanted to be loved not obeyed in terror.

      So you have to conclude that deciding who truly loves God or not really takes precedence over protecting unborn babies. Besides there is a practical problem with terror killing people into obedience. Dead people cannot repent and be saved in Jesus Christ. In the Old Testament God slew Israel’s enemies. In the New Testament there is no concept of human enemies in the kingdom of Christ, just deluded unforgiven sinners who may yet repent and be forgiven.

      Paul. Our battle is not of this earth but against spirits.

  5. It’s sick that human beings have to have these sort of weapons to ensure that groups of people do not invade and slaughter each other. WE THINK we are advanced, but we are only advanced in way’s that can destroy or cause misery when it comes to getting along with each other. Sure we have modern technological conveniences that are not overtly dangerous, but we are no different than we were as a species two thousand years ago, except for the fact that we have weapons that can destroy the entire planet, instead of only army’s of violent groups of people and a number of civilian casualty’s. We still feel the need to steal what belongs to others, we still feel the need to oppress other cultures or our own with dangerous ideologies, that are born out of myth , fear, or greed, or retaliation for oppression by others. Is there REALLY any hope for mankind? Unless we are able to throw away damaging ideologies, and hate for what we consider strange, I fear we are only waiting to destroy ourselves lock stock and barrel.

    1. Competition for resources will always exist no matter the species.

    2. We also have LSD, which can unite the planet and inspire creative solutions to the illusion of „limitation of resources“ planetwide, solve trivial human squabbles that arise as a consequence of limited conscious awareness of the infinite potential of Reality and the inseparable unity of that reality we are all a part of.

      LSD produces profound effects in human consciousness and is sort of a secret key into the psychospiritual mechanics of the human organism and its relationship to what is considered The Ultimate. There is a part of you that even a nuclear bomb cannot touch. It is here now and has always been here. It is the same thing that’s aware of reading these words that was aware of your life when you were five years old. Your body since then is made of new molecules, your thoughts are different, your daily activities are different, and the people you spent time with is different. Everything else has changed but that one thing, that which knows, sees, and experiences everything changing in the mental and material world.

      Such a realization of this fundamental unity is crucial to the evolution of humanity on this planet and appears to be well under way, be it slowly. Peace.

    3. +Déjà Siku I can think of a lot of people that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near LSD. Just one example would be an airline pilot!

    4. 2Legit, most definitely! Time and place (set and setting) with an acute sense of propriety is extremely important. I am by no means proposing irresponsibility in the use of such profoundly powerful sacraments but that they be used with wisdom and care. Peace.

  6. Um….. Hate to nitpick, but a 2016 movie??? Don’t think so. This one has been around on YouTube for a few years now. And the BBC??? This was originally on PBS.

  7. I would decommission all land based silos, then add a boomer to our present fleet, each of which is mobile and can destroy an entire country. Done deal.

    1. it takes 5 minutes to launch both land based ICBMs and boomers because they have to follow procedure but if you skip all that its one minute

    2. Deacon Verter dickhead!! done deal when you pop your clogs, turd!!

  8. It’s appropriate that humans, the biggest joke that God played on the planet, will end up destroying themselves. Good riddance!

  9. „The bomb was made possible by contributions to your PBS stations from viewers like you“


    1. and a little bit more on how it works, ive been studying this sort of subject for a long time now, and I can say with confidence as a civilian that I know and understand enough about nuclear weapons and weapon physics to where I can actually build one. whats stopping me is 1 I don’t have any use for having a nuke in my house, 2 assembling the weapon fuel core is tricky as hell and not to mention dangerous, 3 it’ll only be useful as a 4th of july fireworks display, 4… I don’t have several million dollars to buy only 15 pounds of plutonium nor do I have a place safe and secure enough to store it in.

    2. +Derek Wall

      Plutonium will kill an unprotected person.

      Highly enriched uranium won’t but unless you use a gas centrifuge to separate the lighter uranium 235 hexaflouride gas from the heavier uranium 238 hexaflouride gas, and ditch the flourine, enough relatively pure bomb grade uranium 235 is hard to get.

      After that it is simple to use gun ammunition propellant to slam a piece of uranium 235 into another and get a big boom.

      And that should sober us all up. Then again, we might not be able to prevent it if someone does hate us that much.

      Generally terror fights terror. The Germans bombed Brits at night in WW II. The Brits bombed them right back and also at night. The losses were mutually horrendous.

      Narrator Richard Basehart, Canadian series Vietnam 10,000 Day War, we tried, just as unsuccessfully, to terror bomb North Vietnam.

      And now we respond to terrorists with drone strikes except that terrorists frequently hide behind innocents. Too bad innocents have feelings.

      You get war without end.

      The problem with fighting terror with terror is that fear happens whether it is just or unjust. Sure frustrated people use it from a position of weakness because no one wants to die. But that is exactly the problem with terrorism as a strategy. Terror goes both ways.

  10. a humans we are our own worst enemy, we will be the culprit to our own undoing

  11. Stalin didn’t steal Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, East Germany, Yugoslavia and Albania from themselves after 1945.

    He stole it from Hitler and his Bulgarian Rumanian and Hungarian allies before May 8 1945.

    Stalin just never backed out and installed friendly governments like we had friendly governments in West Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway and so on.

    American-British-French and Soviet held territory eventually crystalized into NATO and the Warsaw Pact respectively.

    Now Stalin was paranoid and brutal even toward Soviets. And going back on the agreement to partition Berlin was wrong.

  12. Like we stole or liberated countries including Greece in our zone from Hitler and Mussolini.

    Note that it didn’t take long for Soviets like Nikita Khrushchev to denounce Stalin after his death.

    And as for Khrushchev and burying America that could have also refered to a sense of economic superiority. And the USSR had temporary economic successes in the 1950s it never saw again.

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