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    1. video is being processed,you have to wait or refresh in 20 minutes or so!

  1. Clip 3. They always moan and say „Stop stereotyping us“ then proceed to act like the stereotype.

  2. Crashed Car Channel, re-upload please. Quality is gone.

  3. Why people is so violent nowadays? They just fight for every single fucking thing. Just chill.

    1. You must have down syndrome huh? I feel bad for you bro

    2. I don’t believe a moron who can’t spell Down syndrome should be casting aspersions on the intelligence of others. I’ll give you moment while you go look up „aspersions“.

    3. TDIZZLEFASHIZZLE Wrong is wrong and stupid is stupid. Like your account name.

    4. If we Americans are so stupid why are we the world hegemon, if we are so stupid what’s that say about everyone else?

  4. You ever been so mad that you hit someone with a baby carrier?

    1. My question is where is the baby. Did they just lay it on the back seat in the car??

    2. @noner come : she probably threw the baby at him beforehand.

    3. you ever been such a sissy man you let some dumb women hit you with a baby carrier? What kind of man is that, punch those dumb women in the face teach them not to try and start fights with men.

    1. Mason Meyer You’re getting your period? gross dude that sounds like a personal problem and you should really keep that to yourself next time.

  5. Sorry about the quality. I do not know what happened. I am at work wright now, will try to do something when I get home. Sorry for the inconvenience. Have a great day my friends.

    1. Crashed Car Channel I think you need to rep upload .

    2. so you post crap, then apologize, and promise to fix it later, then you don’t? you suck with video editing… find another hobby

  6. The bad thing is, when a woman fights you, you just can’t fight back.

    1. Yes you can nowadays. Feminist want equality so bad you better show them equality. Wish I was a man so I could do it.

    2. Glad to hear that from a woman. But I’d rather not hit a woman. In court it looks a lot different…

    3. Haley Buice lol a woman can be stabbing you, but if you punch her 1 time and call the cops YOU are going to jail.

    4. only in the USA, In Australia we have equal rights that clearly states you can defend yourself against a woman with equal force, if she hits you, you hit her back, no issues and if she’s armed you can arm yourself and beat the living F out of her, courts in Au are fair this way, not like the USA that has the least amount of freedom in the whole world!

    1. Madison Maloney I did it says instant karma to bully in the title dumbass

  7. WHY do you post the last clip only to cover it with your links, especially after a video like this one? WHY would I want to watch another??

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