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Landing Page Cloud – Erstelle in wenigen Minuten ATEMBERAUBENDE & SUPER-SCHNELLE LANDING PAGES OHNE einen Webserver besitzen zu müssen…  Erfahre hier mehr!


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    1. that was so classic ufc old school chuck lidell …someone needs to look at him and check his potential…imo

  1. I think I have seen that same couple at 7:37 in another road rage video doing something else??

  2. Why do you have only 720p? You are about 3 years BEHIND the rest of the world.

  3. Love to know some of the back stories of these fights……..

  4. I am glad I don’t live in Russia. I don’t want to imagine the bodycount I would have.

  5. YO! MMA chick in front of the club though… that lady can throw down and she looks good in a dress!!!

  6. Wow Russian loves to fight, don’t they? And they don’t even have to be drunk.

  7. I’m so proud to live amongst humans of faith. Bring the end of the world. Leave no survivors either. Give Earth back to the Dinosaurs. Human acts of display like this are unjust of us living on an earth that supports us with life.
    Keep up the awesome work people makes it easier for churches gone wrong job easier for our Extinction

  8. wow, these are like the people left over from the zombie apocalypse, ugh! Which one is the Governor?

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