Autounfälle & Krasse Fahrer

Autounfälle & Krasse Fahrer 17.

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  1. 2:42 should have said I just got in a accident that I could have easily avoided if I wasn’t taking on the phone and giving 100% of my attention to the road (it was the other drivers fault tho it could have been avoided

    1. easily avoided? what kind of fucking drugs are you on? idiot.

    2. Was the other cars fault, 100% she had no stopping room, he literally pulled out right in front of her, giving her pretty much no time to react. The fact that she was on the phone is irrelevant, the accident was bound to happen either way.

    3. I agree. Had she been paying full attention, she would have seen the car pulling out of the parking lot and would have slowed down. She didn’t see the car until it was right in front of her because she lacked awareness due to being on the phone. So yeah it’s the other drivers fault but definitely avoidable

    1. JoãoBarros Its a ramp meter. That’s the south side of Milwaukee, the lights regulate traffic entering the freeway so the cars are spaced out, cutting down on congestion in the main line lanes, in theory.

  2. Why do people drive off instead of giving the video to the Police?

    1. Zindar I wish the automakers would put a camera in the front like the backup camera but records and saves the video.

    2. i got a dashcam for xmas, tho i don’t know how it works :/ i think i need a micro SD card

    3. Because why should I be obligated to provide my property to assist your claim? Morality and legality are two completely different things.

  3. That last one is a good way to get shot, I have a ccw and if that guy had done that to me I would have shot him out of self defense.

  4. 9:50 You swing open a guy’s door like that in Texas over some road rage you’ll be shot where you stand. You don’t even need an LTC (license to carry) to carry in your vehicle — it’s %100, patently legal.

  5. Why are Americans so aggressive? There is neither poverty nor neighboring countries in a state of war … An ideal climate, a lot of money … And you are ready to break into someone else’s car and humiliate a stranger. Why?

    1. ZhekaBlag Because a bunch of us feel we are entitled. It’s hard to be humble when you are spoiled.

    2. Mulichi
      Yes, I saw Russian roads. I see them right now. And what does your question have to do with my post? How aggression of Americans is connected with Russian roads? They are very worried about this and therefore invade someone else’s car to beat the driver’s face?

    3. Jon Thurlow
      Friend, I came to the US a few years ago. I traveled to New York and Boston, I was at the Grand Canyon, I traveled around California. I got the impression of American life as rich, full and somewhat infantile (forgive me, it’s no offense). I saw no reason for aggression. Although, of course, as they say in the end of one old Russian anecdote, you should not jumble tourism and emigration. It means that these are different things: come for two weeks or live there )))

  6. If that last driver had a gun the rager could have had his head blown off and if I was the one to do it I would sleep like a baby.

    1. Yeah, the gray car brake-checked him then chased him down and tried to cut him off intentionally. Camera car pitted him to avoid getting run off the road. He might still be in some legal trouble, though. I’d like to find out who got charged on that one.

    2. He is better off pitting the aggressor than swerving into other cars or slamming the brakes.
      I was driving my SUV and a lady merged right into me from the right. Totally not my fault. I rolled into her as (not before) she hit me..instinctively. My car got a little bump,,hers totaled. Years of driving dirt bikes, motorcycles, cars, trucks..ect…sometimes you just react and don’t really know why. If i had swerved, I would have hit a family of kids to my left. Glad I didn’t.
      Cops ticketed her. Her insurance paid for my repairs.
      She was screaming at me…saying I ran her off the road. Total bullshit. Glad the cops saw through it.

  7. amazing how some of these people know how to use there horn but not there brakes

  8. 3:49  I realize that was a rhetorical question but here’s your answer.  That was a fucking idiot wrecking your day and your ride.  Sorry man.

  9. 5:18,
    You do know what a horn is used for right?
    Or did you just not want to go to work, or you wanted a new car?

  10. @3:51 cam driver would have gone into the pickup truck he should have slowed down way earlier his fault

  11. 6:55, good job getting around the brake checker. Great job on taking out the brake checker when he came back for more. Hope the footage proved who was at fault.

  12. 9:50 A great example of why you always make sure your doors are locked when you’re driving.

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