Autounfälle Zusammenstellung Car Crashes

Autounfälle Zusammenstellung 43.

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  1. I hate those idiots that just walk or drive away like nothing happened…..

    1. +pillsnotbills Russians more helpfull? Than what? If you meant zombies, you might be right …. perhaps.
      In my point of view there’s a shocking lack of empathy, according to what we get to see in those videos.

      @Luna: I especially hate the people who cause an accident and then disapear on the horizon. If I would witness something like that, I’d follow that bastard.

    2. +Deipatrous I think it is a way for pedestrians to express contempt for automobiles and their drivers.  There’s always that ugly face and then the 90-degree turn as they give the wreckage the widest possible berth without fully reversing direction.

      20 years ago, you walked until there was no traffic and then quickly crossed the road.  One respected the auto and did not get in its way.  Today, people jump into traffic out of nowhere and don’t even look up at what is running them over.  Most of them have never driven and have no idea what it’s like.

      When you finally get your tons of steel moving, only to stop every 10 seconds and wait 30 seconds for someone crossing the street, it is an ordeal—an expensive, slow ordeal.  Crosswalk or no, someone appears at every street corner thinking you owe them something.  A 5-minute trip turns into half an hour.  Under such circumstances one is not really inclined to give all these people the benefit of the doubt.  Go to a proper crossing.  What is needed is a system of bridges and tunnels for pedestrians instead.

    1. +SudszHD
      … strangely enough, he initiated the accident, . watch as he enters the screen, he had just ran across the street, and looked like he avoided a first car…

    2. +interplexer not exactly true, it was a simple T-bone, the car to the left of the cam car would have pulled out just as the white van was passing infront of it, causing that, the kid was just a by stander….

    3. +chuckufarly5  … meh….. could use a third angle….. a bldng cam would be nice….

    4. +interplexer true, that would answer alot of questions…

  2. Love the random cars going on fire, try find more of those, it was quite random haha 😀

    1. +T3rr11 Mostly old cars with poor wiring insulation and leaky fuel lines. Also some local poorly designed and manufactured ones like Gazelle („Газель“ in russian transcription).

  3. Many of the accidents occur due to lack of traffic signs and poor road design

    1. +Arctic Light i think you mean due to people being stupid…

    2. +Arctic Light I would disagree, I currently live in Pittsburgh PA and the road designs here are horrendous, but you don’t see crashes like these all the time.

    3. I agree. A lot of these don’t have stop lights or even signs.

  4. Always cringe when there’s a pedestrian involved in a Russian dash-cam video…

    1. +Tac Tracer Me too. At the same time you can’t help but watch.

  5. I watch these when I’m bored and nothing else to do-

    1. Yeah me too, mainly while I’m driving on the freeway as that is boring

  6. Thats it they should remove all lada cars and their drivers from the road!

  7. I often wonder if, in Russia, they think „car maintenance“ means, „I put some petrol in it every week.“

    1. +BlokeOzzie „….because doing that doubles the value of my Lada.“

  8. Letting a Russian drive a car is like giving a machine gun to a gorilla or a diploma to a Polack!

    1. +Joey Jamison Poles are an ethnic group so yes it does fit 

  9. Nothing funnier then watching a 25 yr old Lada plow into a new Porsche. XDDD

    1. +ckj1103 Not so funny if the Porsche driver is Russian Mafia.

    2. Please, in that black hole of a country half the population is mafia.

  10. 9:53 .. „for god sake Igor save the vodka, hurry bleah“.

  11. for every like, you can avoid the extintion of one car Lada xD

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