Bermuda Triangle scary secrets discovered? what do we know?

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  1. This sucks cause ur not telling us nothing yet and ur program keeps cutting off.smh we want to know too.

    1. lynn bond I know. its cut in the middle and then keep skeeping back with small pieces if the whole story.

  2. The question isn’t why it’s caused so many ships to disappear, the question is why do people keep sailing through the entire area?

    1. Because people are arrogant assholes who seriously believe they have conquered Nature with their pathetic „technology“ that Nature can actually destroy in seconds…..

    2. skittz mess well, if we don’t how are we ever going to uncover the truth? Wish I myself could go and uncover or help uncover the worlds mysteries.

  3. the fleet mentioned in the first sentence was found a few years back under the ocean and far away from the triangle. it may or may not have been the triangle that interfered with their location equipment but they sank a long a ways from the triangle.

  4. Ok I’m a bit upset…
    I have this running in the background while I’m at work (I’m such a rebel). The sound is very quiet for the actual documentary so I have to turn up the volume to hear it. Then a commercial comes on with the sound blasting and I’m jumping out of my skin and having to rush to turn it down before my boss yells at me! XD

    1. get adblock plus…. i never see any commercials on youtube period.

    2. Smokey420Greenleaf ehh, i think she’s talking about the like 5 seconds of history channel bs it plays every once in a while with really loud music. more than twice as loud as the documentary itself.

    3. it’s crazy. i run youtube when sleeping and this woke me up this morning. way too loud

  5. what if its a gate way to hell that was shut but a crack was made from an earthquake witch unleashed the cracken

  6. its awful! documentory keep skeeping back and repeat itself over and over again . it doesnt finish any of the story

  7. How do you drain the bermuda triangle? What about the oceans around the area? 😛

  8. set peak volume? who“s your sound engineer ? fixx dat !

  9. Lovely stuff
    Why does this one and the Blue holes diving one, re start after about 45 minutes .. and then again and again ..
    Its going along just fine .. the story of the missing squadron and its rescuer … and Zap ..
    Its all gone and we are somewhere else .. Then Just as we get into the next story Zap! Gone bye byes again.
    Surely that does nothing for wanting to see another Geographic adventure!!

  10. Do you think they had a pyramid down there where they sacrificed people?

  11. We are very sorry for the repeating this was an editing error

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