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    1. throw her in the freaking jail and throw they keys away. quoting the american law yet do not abide it. geez… and her voice is most irritating.

    1. NOLA GOD wtf then was the report false? Everything you said didn’t al match up with the news…..

    2. I initially thought that he hit that cop car, but nothing really happened

  1. A free inhabitant is free to use our roadways, free to drive our cars, free to shop in our stores and free to all the things that citizens do except one thing. They are free to only participate in processes that does not involve them doing their fair share.

    1. Chbond00765 „I’m at the coffee shop around the corner!“

  2. I hate when people don’t use a turn signal. that’s why I have a train horn on my Chevy cruze!

  3. I don’t have to step out of the vehicle as I am a chipmunk and it’s against the law to rape a chipmunk. 3.15

    1. sadly this is in fact reality 2017. and sometimes o quick loook at a girl can b enough. or worst case scenario , just a story from a hoe. really sad. must change.

  4. Being a „free citizen“ with all the rights and 0 consequences sounds oddly similar to just being a brat…coincidence? XD

  5. „a free inhabitant has all the rights of a U.S citizen without following the laws“ (????????)
    Hahahahahaha!!! That one completely knocked me out!

  6. Free Inhabitant!? Ahahahahahahaha. screams Rape for all the wrong reasons…. Hippie Chicks

    1. Robert Miller „You are raping me!“
      Do you want to get raped?
      Because that’s how you get raped.

    2. Everyone could claim to be a „free inhabitant“ and the world would be fucked up. People not caring about getting licenses and refusing to listen to the law.

  7. „I have the same rights as a US citizen, but I don’t have the follow the laws.“ How in the world do these people get this idea?

  8. This is police chases, not really instant karma. Should really rename this.

  9. @5:10 What the actual is that cops problem? What was the altercation beforehand to merit *that* kind of brutality/abuse/unprofessionalism? Anyone know?

    1. Alba Gu Bràth I recognize the license plate as from Minnesota. No idea what that guy did…

  10. 2:25 OMG.. This video makes me want to slap her… „A free inhabitant means they have all of the rights but don’t have to follow any laws.“ Okay, so basically it was made up because people don’t want to follow rules. Well, too bad. Either you do, or you’re in jail. Unless your from Mexico, then you can just come right back.

  11. Why do people not just do what the officers ask?? Why?? Don’t give them a reason to fight you

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