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  1. Hihihi ça cartonne toujours autant bravo mes amis les carrossiers ont besoin de travail

    1. Eric Cisneros hypothetically if you saw that and you didn’t have a dash cam would you follow the car or check up on the driver?

  2. Oh, those Russians … their trolley cars are already run by artificial intelligence … fearless, cold blooded, no screaming at all … WOW!

    1. maerzen77 it’s funny how most of these clips are from Russia.

    2. Everybody doesn’t have to scream like a little girl just because they get in a car accident.

  3. 3:18 Need for Speed Most Wanted soundtrack…
    Finally someone gets car music.

    1. washburnepiphone rn „looks at comment 2sec later „see ya“

  4. do people just not watch where they’re driving? i swear it ain’t hard to drive normal

  5. is it me or does Russia seem to have non existent traffic laws?

  6. I’m beginning to think Russia is a third world country with a low IQ.

    1. They are practicing their secret tactic to defeat the US in a war.  They will just ram us to death.

  7. Those bikers at 1:35. The guy braking did it so smoothly! It could’ve gone so much worse!

  8. I’ve got to admit, those trolley drivers sure stay cool as a cumber!

    1. Charles Fiore Love how that dude just stops the trolley, gets out of his driver’s seat, stands up and calmly puts on his orange vest.

  9. Why the click bate? You have a,ways done good videos, now this?

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