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BEST OF Police FAIL and Chase Compilation part I Instant Karma

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    1. +The_Red Bullet This the answer for an ihrer Guy! I know it was a Fail man!

    2. +MegaBlitzmaster My comment was based towards the guy who posted the main comment. Mine had nothing to do with yours good sir >.>

    1. +Dab God lmfao my bad, but God dammit u ruined it haha why did u have to tell me

  1. Fail and Chase??? More like WIN and chasing dumbf**ks 😀

  2. Crashed Car chanel I like your videos but please turn down the volume of you intro? Thanks.

  3. Look at the russian cops. The guy that came out of his car with his purse fumbling around in it would have been killen in America.

    America, not even once.

  4. In the video at mark 8:16 commend the police for not just shooting to death a fleeing suspect.

  5. @4:10 Is completely stupid. The pursuit should have been called off as it was endangering public lives. But no they just decided to initiate a PIT maneuver… Stupid.

  6. loving the „infected mushroom – change the formality“ on the first clip psy FTW

  7. a cop definately needs his hand on his gun when a little girl runs into his car right?

    1. 3;13 AM 10-22-17 Mountain time USA. His hand was on his belt.

  8. 3;10 AM 10-22-17 Mountain time USA. Oh my.. did you see the guy with a MAN PURSE at 1:00 I to have a MAN PURSE, but it is a small cardboard box.. pens pencils, etc.

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