Bioluminescent Creatures – Documentary

The Ultimate Everyday Carry Knife That No One Knows You Have


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    1. That´s because more than half of the documentary is in fact about fluorescence, which is relatively vulgar and easy to find once you use the right equipment to expose it,.. Also there´s nothing really spectacular about being fluorescent, even some rocks can be fluorescent. Bioluminescence is another story…

  1. 50:50 Great, let’s go and harvest, then kill, even more ocean species, so we can have florescent ice cream at $220 a scoop. We deserve to be extinct. :-/

    1. B Sheppard
      Well said mate, our rhetorically confused antagonist Goncalo has most definitely missed the point, for sure. 😉

    2. I got the point, just tired of seeing people confusing bioluminescence with fluorescence.

  2. I think stars are fluorescent luminaries, maybe even bio-luminaries?

  3. OMG – this is most absurd! Billions of years ago! Brainwashed is all that believes in these lies. They didn’t create themselves…… there was just one creator for all, and His intelligence can’t even be calculated, let alone touched or moved.

    1. Funny how Church followers like you don’t even know the book. Read the old testaments in Hebrew. God is but a metaphor for the infinity, fate, destiny. Destiny created this Earth, and language created this World. Not some bearded man in the sky. God is everywhere, within us all. God is anger, war, peace, and love. These certainties that have existed within man since the dawn of time. Your view of God is much too narrow. Don’t follow the bible written by man, these are false passages. Look deeper, and further back. You will see God is in evolution as well.

    2. Even though I consider myself an atheist, I’ve got to say: Well said. Finally someone who understands the purpose of the stories written in the Bible and doesn’t take them literally.

    3. If this lady is a Christian, I hope she realizes that Jesus Christ was very anti-church. He never told anyone to worship him, he only preached to be a good person, and to be in good tidings with God. Some people would call it „Karma.“

    4. Yet you blindly believe in a god and call others brainwashed. Which god is it? a hindu one, a buddhist one, the one who doesn’t like pigs, the one with a hammer or the one from olympus or one of the many other fairy tales that humankind seems to invent to explain things they don’t understand.

    5. Hannahcode1, you need to understand something about science types, and scientists: we don’t BELIEVE this stuff, exactly, as you do your argument against it(the whole of scientific thought, inquiry, conjecture, theory etc)- we have become CONVINCED by examining EVIDENCE, which we, you, any person, hell, a visitor from another galaxy can examine for yourself or themselves. In addition, we are entirely willing to be convinced again, by new evidence showing our previous conclusions to be flawed, to throw out our previous conclusions for the new view, PROVIDED THE NEW EVIFENCE IS COMPLETELY CONSISTENT, and accounts for the evidence we looked at to arrive at our previous understandings, such as they were, which, after all, had convinced us provisionally at least, to arrive there in our cconjectures, prior to the new evidence. This is the reason the science community uses practices like „peer review“, to allow our possibly flawed, possibly one-sided, possibly myopic thinking the clarity provided by informed, thoughtful consideration by other minds working in our fields. This is as opposed to „blind“ faith, such as your position depends on. It is entirely easy to grab onto a „ONE ANSWER“ approach, that one entity, one supremity, one omnipity, explains EVERYTHING. Easy, but wrong. FAR too convenient, and highly attractive for a person who does not care to deal with the inconvenient, messy, vastly complicated truth: that each organism has a looong, complex history of how it came to exist, it’s parentage and provenance. Much simpler to merely (and blithely) dismiss all of that and say „Shiva“,“Allah“, „God“ did it, and I DON’T CARE what the evidence shows, what the facts are. Such a belief is what we of the science community call „unfalsifiable“- in other words, it can’t be disproven. Or, of course, proven, either. I hope this helps, Hannahcode1, though it seems you may not examine my argument. Thank you.

  4. cool.cloking device for one type of fish that swims side ways. What about the rest. None of them are like that.

  5. Have you looked in the Infrared spectrum? Gold fish can see Infrared so why not other fish?

    1. EIKE KAISER stupid comment, you obviously don’t read it for yourself. It’s an amazing book.

  6. This is 80% recycled footage from ‚the deep‘ episode of the original BBC Blue Planet series

  7. this is what I love about the ocean and any type of fish.

  8. we arent really advanced as the human species compared to these creatures who’s been here for the last few hundreds millions years, arent we? and when we will reach extinction like many others land based species, those creatures will continue to exist and will keep evoluate until the earth actually becomes unlivable to any life form everywhere accros its surface, not like the deep sea(one of the largest and *safest* living space to exterior hazard, about to vanish somehow, they already survived multiple extinction level event anyway…

  9. i want to create light out of my fingers at will

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