Lindsey Stirling

Child of Light

Online Violin & Fiddle Lessons

Sheet music here (Search for „Shatter Me“). Orchestra version („Child of Light“) is included with the „Shatter Me“ violin solo purchase:

Video done by fifgen films

I love working with these guys. They also did my GOT, Star Wars, and All of Me (w/ John legend).

Music produced by Stephen Anderson.
FTC disclaimer – this was a paid endorsement.

Special effects done by Warialasky. Please check out their channel cus they are super fun and awesomely talented!

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  1. I have a huge admiration for what you do. As a seasoned musician/producer myself, I can tell you put a lot of heart and sweat into your craft. It’s legit, man.

    Hope to see you at Vidcon! 

    1. Would love to see a +Jervy Hou + +Lindsey Stirling + +Bri Heart Collaboration! 

    2. Hi five bro! I am a huge fan of yours, Lindsey’s and Briheart’s work!! Your music is part of what makes youtube so great for me!! Anny chance of a 3-way collaboration in the future???

  2. The spark of imagination burns through the darkness with the greatest of ease.

    1. +Acheron River Indeed; Lindsey Stirling never fails to please.

    1. Azazel and u have a good cat and dog is the bo and a half years in prison for the next two days ago that is not a half years in the future of our nation in the world cup in prison for the next two days ago when I was a kid who are going through a half years in prison for the next few years ago that is not a half years in the future 6boy to the Gym today is not a half years in prison for the next two days ago that is not a half years in prison for the

    1. Guerzoniansus respect for that Gintama profile picture

    2. I love her costume.. .It’s very child like. Reminds me of my girls on Halloween. Adorable nothing wrong with that.

    3. Guerzoniansus welp it makes sense because in the game aurora uses a toy crown

  3. I was very confused until I realized it was shatter me

  4. Wait… this sounds exactly like Shatter me…. I don’t get it…

    1. +SkyBlossom 21 I’m not scary XD I thought you were serious :3

    2. so your definition of kidding is going around and calling people dumb?

    1. Yeah it really does. Tbh though, I did like Lzzy Hale’s voice accompanying it

    1. YESSSSSS ORI IS THE BEST GAME IN THE UNIVERSE!!! (And I know this comment is a year late.)

    2. Munchkin of Pern that’s not the question they asked

    1. Me Guy No, it’s an orchestra version of Shatter Me, that’s what it says in the description.


  6. wait this is the shatter me song if you listen carefful

    1. +Clone82 i dont know why but i like it more then the original 🙂

    2. Warizard 22 A boosted bonobo with tenitis would recognise that it’s Shatter Me

    1. Well Hello the music is called “child of light” and the song is called “shatter me”

    2. Michel Policarpio it is shattered me but I love both

    3. Michel Policarpio all of the music is shatter me

  7. This is…wuh, what, Oh my gosh. This is beautiful. I am literally out of words for this. I saw her live, and it was incredible seeing someone so talented. How can that girl dance and play so quickly at the same time?! I am speechless. Wow. Lindsey Stirling truly is a child of light!

    1. and the game is amazin. played the full storyline like 10 times xD

    1. It is actually just the tune for it.

      Shatter Me is the name of the lyrics of this tune

    2. Frejsi Well jeez. I do read the comments section, but i felt like asking a question wouldn’t hurt.

    3. Frejsi Well jeez. I do read the comments section, but i felt like asking a question wouldn’t hurt.

  8. I just realized she’s dressed as Aurora from the video game Child Of Light

    1. TheKawaiiDuck thats why the video is called child of light (*゚ー゚)v

    2. TheKawaiiDuck now I understand why she dress like that xD she look pretty beautiful 030 she looks fab

    3. I don’t get it the dresses looks nothing like Auora’s dress it’s not even the same color

  9. Does anyone realize how much she looks like Erza from the anime fairy tail

    1. Child of lights an awesome game, shes Aurora the main character, but yeah she does look like Erza

    1. Dashaway Magic it was a camera guy for the music video

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