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Climbing Frozen Waterfalls Just North of Detroit | Superior Ice Climbing: Episode 1

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    1. Coming up next week! Make sure to tune in to check out the full adventure.

  1. I have snowmobiled more than a few times in Munising – as well as in the surrounding areas too, and it is so incredibly beautiful in the Upper Peninsula during the Winter time. My family used to have a Cottage in Northern Michigan, and so naturally – I completely fell in love with the Northern Michigan, and the Upper Peninsula areas at a very early age. There is something incredibly enchanting about these isolated forested areas. Having the opportunity to vacation – or even live there, is a truly special experience. What I wouldn’t give to be able to spend more time up there, and to feel the cold bite of the Winter air on my nose, and hear the howling wind from Lake Superior that sings a tune as it blows through the forests. And if you’re lucky enough to hear an Elk Bull bugling, you will certainly never forget it!

  2. Sadly wasn’t above to make it out this year… love seeing all my friends in this video. Also, with snow, this is around an 8 hour drive from Detroit….. not exactly just north.

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    PS: great video! it´s absolutely fantastic! the best! 😉

  4. The people of Munising probably hate her, she sticks out like a sore thumb. That’s not „just North of Detroit.“ I lived there for 26 years, that’s functionally a whole state North of Detroit, in terms of the geographical distance and the culture. It’s where I learned to ice climb and the conditions are usually really stable unlike what they imply in this video and the climbing is all pretty easy because of how the ice freezes. I don’t get this huge push for how awesome the U.P. is, it’s not. The people there are closeted and bigoted, there isn’t high speed internet or reliable phone service unless you live in a town, the economy relies on mining and forestry and there’s no such thing as conservation. Drinking, meth, and football make up most of the local pastimes. I left as I soon as I could. Maybe it’s nice to visit if you can put on some blinders and not really look at what’s going on around you, I dunno.

    1. Sounds like it’s you that hates everything. It’s interesting that you declare the people of Munising as bigoted after your tangent about how much better you are than everyone else, and why anyone who doesn’t think the way you do must have blinders on. Right…. do yourself a favor, read your comment again, and then ask yourself if you’re any different than the so called bigoted people that you supposedly fled from after 26 years? Honestly, could you possibly be anymore vain? I feel sorry for those in your life who have to deal with the degree of hate and negativity that lies in your heart. There literally wasn’t a single solitary sentence in your entire comment that wasn’t loaded with contempt. What is the point of commenting when you have nothing to offer to anyone who reads it?

  5. Dang, I live in Detroit and I WISH this was just north. “Just north” is like the Detroit Zoo, not Pictured Rocks.

  6. Just north of Detroit… like 6 hrs just north hahahahahahahaha

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