DACIA LOGAN STCC-440 HP, Yacco Racing Romania

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30 thoughts on “DACIA LOGAN STCC-440 HP, Yacco Racing Romania

    BRASOV 2017
    2-ND IN GT

  2. An excellent production. Romania does first-class stuff.

  3. was this just the team production video? I was hoping for a crash 🙁 Next time

  4. Could you make a motorcycle dedicated crash video?

    1. Check out the video from yesterday. It’s with bikes!

    2. Crashed Car Channel Oh, i didn’t got a notification with it, thanks!

  5. Why do you put music in the video if there already is music in. Makes me kinda sad ;(

  6. arrêter de mettre de la musique on peut pas entendre le moteur vous êtes chiant désolé

    1. It’s worth atleas a visit. They have great landscapes!

    2. Just drive safely, Romania has 18.000 churches and only 300 hospitals (in bad condition on top of that).

    3. We’re waiting for you with great cars 🙂

  7. Dislike, Was hoping to see a big crash due to the name of the channel..

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