Das ging schief - Car Crash USA

Das ging schief – Car Crash USA 33.

Lernprogramm rund um die MPU


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  1. 4:40 Why is that asshat playing with his phone? It’s dumb enough when people do it in cars.

    1. I’m glad he got it on video so he can’t say he didn’t do that.

    2. Well, I would hope so…. O2 is what we breathe in to, yano…live?

  2. Do you have Walterrific’s permission to use the motorcycle crash clip?

    1. Clueless Drivers of South Carolina sagt:

      Thanks for doing that for Walter. I don’t like my videos getting stolen either. I would never say yes to a channel that does not give a link to my video, personally.

    2. I drive right by there where Walter crashed once a week. It’s the entrance to Leawood Park.

  3. Hey, how about you leave links in the description to the owners of the videos?

  4. Clueless Drivers of South Carolina sagt:

    2:15 They were going 93 frickin miles per hour and didn’t even touch the brakes until a second after they lost their windshield. Derp

    1. I am pretty sure that road is SH 130, which the speed limit is 85, so at 93 its only 8 over lol. Technically not speeding, crazy to think 93 would not be speeding haha

    2. Clueless Drivers of South Carolina sagt:

      damn, thats one hell of a speed limit!

    3. when you’re the one driving, especially at those speeds, the reaction time is a lot shorter than it appears on the video. it’s easy to think there’s more time to react when the only thing you’re concentrating on is where the crash is coming from in each clip.

    1. How do you know? Can’t even see ether person’s light from where the camera is.

    2. The other car drove through a red as the cammers light was red too. Opposites = same color. Also, he didn’t go for the right turn, cuz he never slowed down.

  5. Battery of a police officer? What did she do? Appeared to me she was doing nothing then he wrestled her to the ground. Reinforcements arrived and he seemed to be gloating about his dangerous felon take down. I felt revulsion for him.

    1. +French Shibber
      Yup, saw that. That’s not running and only botard would think it is. Flat out the officer attacked her without lawful cause.

    2. There was a story about this: She snatched her ID back and turned to leave so he tackled her and lied about an assault

    3. One think I try to keep in mind is that officers are still human. People with a badge and given authority. Not everybody is cut out for it and not all of them are honest. I’ve come across both great officers who take their job seriously and dishonest officers with a hidden agenda. The best thing I can do is try not to make things worse on my part.

    4. Chris unlikely the cop would show up, considering the violent video.

    5. Doctor McLovin psychopathic cops is a uniquely north American issue.

  6. what i learned from video…phones and motorbikes dont mix and do not touch a cop

    1. darin reese motorbikes don’t mix with roads or people very well either. Put a guy with a phone on a motorcycle on the road, and we’ll soon have fresh donor organs. (Whatever isn’t crushed beyond use, or torn out of the corpse)

  7. 4:40 that’s actually motovlogger named WALTERRIFIC, he made a whole video about the crash and how it was dumb of him to change the song while riding.. The video is called „how to break your collar bone.“ He fesses up to his mistake, he’s a very responsible rider and a lot of fun to watch.

    1. BigBlock FORD I used to cringe, but after seeing enough of these, and how bikers treat people generally, I know longer even flinch. A smile comes to my face.

  8. pet peeve #543: at 9:58, I don’t care how bad the rain is. you CAN NOT stop in the roadway.

  9. I wish they wouldn’t show the animal ones……those are not driver errors.

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