Das ging schief - Car Crash USA

Das ging schief – Car Crash USA 35.

Lernprogramm rund um die MPU


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    1. clayton betts maybe the driver had a seizure tensed up while unfortunately having the foot on the throttle pedal.

    2. the driver had a stroke, the full video is on one of DDS TV’s uploads, with the news link…

  1. Also just because others get into a crash doesn’t mean you wont. I watched many crash compiliations before I got into a crash. A lot of other people are the victim(s) and sometimes the same victim(s) are the hitters in another crash. A lot off the to!e it’s the weather and road conditions that are at fault.

    1. +Stephanie Fuchs it wasn’t I just did a bunch of 360s on the highway all over a bunch of lanes and I slammed into a wall

    2. Bryce, I hope you are not too banged up. Just bumps and bruises and a ringing headache?

    3. In my 15+ years of driving I’ve been in only two accidents. Both of them were me being rear-ended by a female driver while I’m stopped at a red light… I’ve avoided dozens of accidents just by being aware of what’s going on around me and positioning myself in the best possible places. Don’t drive in people’s blind spots, be prepared for idiots to suddenly merge without signaling, checking blind spots, or even glancing at their mirrors. Also, avoid trucks at all cost. Nearly all road rage I’ve ever seen has been some pissed off hillbilly in a pickup truck.

    4. i completely disagree. The weather is almost never fault. If you cant handle the car on the road, you were simple to fast for the road conditions. The only case, were the weather is fault, if a tree fall on the road or some objects fly into your car, because of heavy winds.

  2. 8:20 no way is that a johhny cash cover of I won’t back down by Tom Petty??

    1. Punky233 he’s also covered sound garden and nine inch nails. They may all be on the same album. I think it was in the 90’s he made a cover album.

  3. Before dashcams existed I always thought accidents happen because of very unlucky circumstances, now I know in 90% it’s because people drive without any attention, without adapting the smallest bit to the traffic situations, just because they don’t think AT ALL! Sad some how!

    1. These idiots are worse then Russians. Russians lack infrastructure… these idiots lack brain…

    2. Theres so many crashes that could have been avoided had folks been paying attention. You gotta have your head on a swivel, when the red light turns green and Im in the front or a few cars behind Im looking both ways before I start to move through the intersection.

    3. Weedin,

      That is a smart move. People run red lights and thus, we have to see them first.

      I can operate my radio, heat, and air controls by feel, I keep my head up, hands on wheel, and lacking a smartphone, there is no internet temptation. I only take or make calls when pulled over.

    4. I’ve noticed that in many segments you can spot the vehicle that will cause the accident within 2 or 3 seconds, you don’t know exactly what they will do, but you know they will do it. Especially the ones going 20 MPH+ faster than everyone else and weaving between lanes!

  4. It was kind of dumb for the truck driver @ 9:22 to get out and run in to the lanes like he did with out looking, another car could have ran right in to him.

    1. If we assume my calculations are correct, then we should stop assuming. I’m never correct. I’m never wrong, either.

    2. people thinking it was dumb that he parked the truck there are the ones driving into accidents because they dont look , he was simply shotting of the accidant from flowing traffic.. so it was an intelligent decision for the people in the crashed car and for him and other helpers as well!

    3. Color Safe Bleach and what would you have done? just not help at all probably? smh this guy was doing all he could to help someone that may have been hurt and you nitpick…stay off the road

  5. 1:50 „goldbergs on tv at 7pm tonight “ i mean the goldbergs is a very good tv show

  6. The Russian crash videos are better – they don’t even slow down until they hit something.

  7. As a commercial driver for over 37 years and 6 years in the Army I have two words I live by „Situational Awareness“. In other words don’t take anything for granted ,be prepared for the other person to do something stupid.

  8. In some of these videos. Do some even try to avoid the collision? Or do they think I have the right away so let’s just see how this plays out.

  9. @6:20, and they’re honking why? „How dare you follow the rules of the road! I’m trying run through a red light“

  10. 8:38 – ‚Left Turn Only‘ lane yet you went straight ahead.
    I don’t care what the truck was doing, you shouldn’t have been where you were when the crash happened.

  11. At 5:00, EXACTLY why lane splitting is illegal in all states, California being the only exception.

    1. It’s just that these kids on their „rice rockets“ don’t understand the rules. You cannot „split lanes“ unless traffic is moving at a certain speed or slower. Also, you can only go so much faster than the traffic. Best thing to do is account for the traffic and leave for your destination earlier.

    2. That at 4:50 anyone clicking on 5:00 would be left wondering what happened.

    3. Yes so dumb. You’re basically just getting lucky every time you do it. One day someone is going to change lanes and not see you regardless of how slow everyone is going.

  12. 7:14 where did that car even come from? I’ve paused many times but never see it coming down the street.

    1. Sean Clark if look under the turning trucks mirror JUST as hes turning you can see it for a split second

  13. Anyone else notice that the car at 7:14 comes out of thin air?

    1. Nathan Bowman If you look just under that Toyota’s left mirror before he turns, you can see that oncoming car for a split second.

      Now, why didn’t the Toyota see it? Could’ve been spacing compared to the other oncoming car (appeared hidden to the Toyota driver. I was a victim of such a collison once). Could’ve been because it was evening and the oncoming didn’t have his headlights on. Could be because Toyota drivers are responsible for like 97% of all car crashes in some way LOL.

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