David Garrett at the German NDR Talkshow (6-10-2017)

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I don't use this video for commercial purposes. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. As always, I uploaded the video as part of my effort to enlighten positively the personality and the musical genius of David Garrett and help the people to discover how amazing and super talented classical and crossover violinist he is.

David Garrett's official site:
David Garrett's official facebook page:

3 Kommentare

  1. Dear Lena, the last three of videos you posted here doesn’t work on my mobile, do you know why? Please. Thank you .

    1. Amy, unfortunately these videos are unvailable on some devices like smartphones, ipads etc due to copyrighted content. You can watch them only on computer or laptops..

    2. Lena, thank you for reply and answered my question that’s so nice of you ,I will try to watch on PC. Have a good day.

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