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  1. Firts Vídeo is a Brazilian cop pursuit. The motorcycle used by the police is an XRE Honda and Yamaha Tenere. In fact, they are a bad vehicle against crime

    1. Carlos Bruno … First What Bad English lol Perfect you!
      No Police should Never Ram a Motorcycle Ever!

  2. Keep your car doors locked to thwart carjackers. It gives you time to draw your weapon.

    1. It depends. My 2014 Toyota I can have the doors lock. When the car is put in drive, when it goes above 10 or 15 MPH, or not at all.

    2. Are you for real!! You would end someone’s life without knowing the reason they are taking your car. I’m so glad we have strict gun laws in Australia that prevent people like you carrying guns.

    3. You’re GD right I would. People like yourself are the reason that thieves prey on fools. BTW, I would only fire if he persisted after seeing my weapon. You better stay down under, snowflake. You’d faint straight away Stateside.

    4. Yea well I suppose the gun makes you the law. 63 years on this planet & never needed a gun & never would.

    1. too bad the San Andreas theme was at 1:36 and not at the time Seag mentioned.

    2. I would sell his organs to make him pay for all the damage caused

  3. New cars should shut off if to far away from the keyfob in your pocket. When it does, the (armed) carjacker is at a safe distance from you, without being able to steal your car.

    Older cars can be retrofitted with a delayed kill switch, triggered by the drivers door.

    1. The risk of the sensor that keeps track of whether the key is in range or not failing during an emergency is too great for me to want such a feature in my car.
      I wouldn’t want the car thinking the key is out of range and shutting the car down while I’m on the way to a Hospital or something.

    2. Some cars already have this feature. I believe the range is about 100 yards. There’s a guy on YT testing these kind of things, with a variety of outcomes…

    3. Maybe a setting on the key fob for shutting the car off if pressed. It could be the same button as the panic button. If somebody wanted my car I’d let them have it. But as they drove away I would push the panic button as they drove away. Then I’d run like h3ll.

  4. why don’t they just click on the „lower wanter level“ button on their smart phone

  5. Why jail this mtfckers? Catch them them put a bullet in them. Simple, problem solved.

    1. Oprean Gabriel yeah because they don’t have a reason. Good or bad you’ll never know at this point

    2. idiots like you, are why our world is failing. The notion that violence fixes problems, is what creates more violence. But i’m sure your to stupid to understand what I just said.

    3. Really. I wonder what you will do if u have a daughter and he is raped. Or a son who is killed. Let me guess, jail is the option, feeding and provide shelter for the criminal? U’r morals are useless.

  6. 3:17 I love that they just rammed the bike. Pursuit over.

    1. Andrew Tranchina Finally police who aren’t afraid to take action against dangers to the public.

  7. The funniest thing about these videos is, the people on the ground I think that they can still get away even when there’s a helicopter in the air

  8. First rule of riding a motorcycle, don’t run from the motorcycle cops. You’re not that good.

  9. TechnoPhobic Thisistotallymyreallastname sagt:

    3:00 Probably the gayest sprint you will ever see.

  10. yep the best is when they ram the bikers.  regardless of male  or female drivers.  RAM

  11. The Police in the helicopter should have just shot that bastard before he killed innocent people.

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