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EPIC Instant Justice, Instant Karma In Traffic NOVEMBER 2016 Compilation

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    1. +Nameless, because the bikers are riding on the shoulder (not a lane).

    2. @Falcon those are police bikes, they are allowed to use the shoulder. You aren’t supposed to be opening a car door on the road.

  1. I liked the Russian cop – very minimalistic body language, but you know that „No“ is not one of the options…

    1. That’s what I wish it was like in America. Here, police have to walk up to your car holding their hand on their gun. In Russia, they walk around with a little stick and tap tap on your window saying „please move over here thank you kindly“

    2. In the US, the officer would have been yelling his commands at the top of his longs.

  2. that video of the biker getting wrecked trying to brake check a car is fucking perfection. I love it.

    1. The biker, who try to brake check after a fishtail by passing to the right !

    2. he’s a scammed trying to get insurance money, or else he probably wouldn’t have looked the way he did

  3. last one was brilliant. absolutely hate bawbag like that!! who is he to skip everyone and jump in and out, glad he g

  4. 2:52 Does that rider not realize the weight of the vehicle he’s fucking with?…

  5. ole punk at 4:40 don’t even know how to fight. The way he walks up there and just..acts like a fool is very annoying.

    1. The perfect add on what when this wannabe tough guy got back in his dinky little sonic

  6. Lmao XD that little punk tryna square up haha! Made my day

  7. Impatient drivers piss me off. They’ll get what’s coming to them.

  8. oh wow!
    Get out of your car or truck!
    Makes you big and bossy and very not caring about your own well-being!
    Really…advice for you people who do not care, at a certain moment: Care, be wise, and intellectual.
    Or regrets will be a thing of the past and nobody, wants a regret.

  9. Love the way that guys hat flies off at 4:50 when that big guy gives him a clip round the ear…love the ’slap‘ sound effect too lol

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