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  1. first comment and like and grow and #NOTIFICATIONSQUAD WHERE U AT????

  2. LOVE that last one, thumbs up to that Cop. More like him out there please!

    1. Dassd Schsdu Agreed, idk what type of experience this guy has had but I got a ticket for going 34 miles over, charged me 300 bucks and that was it.

    2. WyHamRob He meant that American police officers would’ve knocked the guy to the ground then arrested him.

    3. @WyHamRob

      Wrong, a ticket for 15 over is 250 flat. Pushing 25 over is criminally speeding and will get you arrested on a bad day.

  3. That last one does not show the driver do anything wrong, it shows a very aggressive cop. Would like to know what happened before.

    1. I would like to see the original video on that one. Any idea what its called or where to find it?

  4. Great compilation especially the last one, maybe in New Zealand? Made my day!

    1. fucking stupid how you suspend a police officer making your ways safe and making sure you get home safe!  fucking sucks I tell ya!!!

    2. M Kefayati The same officer also pulled out a gun on some tourists one time, so maybe that contributed to his suspension.

  5. That last one would have gone VERY different in america depending on where you get pulled over. We need to send american cops over there to learn how things are SUPPOSED to be done. Then again, they’ll probably whine that Australia doesn’t have the same gun laws or some crap.

    1. That may not be an acceptable type of behavior in Australia, but it’s a dam sight better than what’s going on here every day…

    2. hellcat1988 it’s not even bad here in the US. You’re just falling into the mainstream media. They love to blow sht out of proportion. Police interaction is much higher these days than in the past

    3. yeah, he was going 93 mph on a highway, that’s 23 miles over in Florida, in most cases you wouldn’t be forced out of your car, shoved around, and have your keys thrown for going 23 mph over the limit

    4. as I write this, in New Zealand, the highest legal road limit is 100K/hr – doing 50+ over posted speed limit = instant on-the-spot loss of license for 28 days plus mandatory court case [which applies at 40+] which may impose additional suspension time

  6. It’s the soundtrack from „Ace Combat“ series on 4:15. Isn’t it?

  7. I think the concept of „instant justice“ is lost on you

  8. I don’t think English is your first language. Stopped watching after first three chases because: 1) none were epic. 2) none were instant. 3) I did not see any karma. Karma in these cases would mean death the the fleeing perps. Wicked cool crashes with painful death would be karma for these scumbags. I mean the first chase scene went on forever and did the perp get away?!? We never saw the take-down. Lame.

  9. Jesus the first one blew out my headphones ears are ok

    First clip is a 3 minute car chase.

  11. Let me get this straight… 5:33
    Police officer, no helmet, headbutted the biker so hard, that even though the guy was wearing a helmet… it threw him off the bike.

    Also, the guy that almost looked like he purposefully drove into that pedestrian…
    Looks like he snapped one of his legs completely in half, maybe more… I’ve never really wished for police brutality before, but. …

  12. 2:56 anyone want to buy a slightly-used BMW former police cruiser?

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