Lindsey Stirling

Epic Violin Dance Performance- Lindsey Stirling

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Epic Violin Dance Performance- Lindsey Stirling


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  1. i am going to ask my mom for violin lessons, i have been practicing the ocarina
    u r an insperation lindsey 

  2. Sorry, but I don’t get it. Dancing and playing the fiddle at the same time renders two mediocre performances. Good luck with your career but don’t think I will be one of your fans.

    1. Are you referring to round table rival. If so I love that music video

    1. classe mais sa doit etre dur de fair du violon et en meme temps danser

  3. Omg, jumping while playing?! That’s just amazing. I can’t even walk around without slipping on the strings…

  4. That is seriously impressive!! Wow that is some real skills and talent!

  5. This was seriously underrated for one reason… picture any time you’ve seen a violin in anything… that person rarely moved in the least. So much concentration on just getting the music out… she was able to move around, dance, and friggin‘ bounce around while no major errors, if any, were noticed. That is impressive, no matter who you are.

    1. Intonation was a little off though. I don’t blame her at all though. I only noticed because I play the violin too.

  6. Amazing, I still can’t understand how you can dance and play the violin at the same time

    1. Peacockspiderman It’s. Call Ed being talented. 214

    2. I don’t understand how Heifetz didn’t move any muscle while playing but his fingers and bow

    1. Keep trying and if you believe you can do it, then keep practicing and you’ll get I promise you it will work k

  7. Haha, great performance but those background dancers look so dorky.
    I’d be 100% more entertained if she were on the stage solo.

  8. she is so amazzzzziin ! but am i the only one who stares at her legs…they.are moving so much o.o ! <3 xD

  9. Anyone notice the issue with the female dancer in the black stockings, look at her on 1:50 through 2:20 notice how the black lace shes wearing on her arms/chest vanishes and comes back repeatedly?

    1. +nerflte wow
      she is really fast at changing clothes and then within a song where no ones realizing it 😉 must be magic

    2. +_Phoenix_ ooh really? no she is dancing and playing violent at the same time.she is way talented 🙂

    3. +Nambicooti Nick It was a live show. She played twice in the same day to two different audiences. They took the best shots from the two and edited it together.

  10. Now every performance of yours is an epic violin dance performance :p

  11. Wow!!! What a fantastic performance!!! ^_^ You’re amazing Lindsey!!

  12. its says in driscription that this song is „trandence“ but i know her songs and i think this was actually „spontaneous me“

    1. It certainly does seem „spontaneous!“ Fantastic, isn’t she? Love it!

    2. Kasai wrote: „Yeah, it is.“
      It is what? Transcendence or Spontaneous Me?“

  13. The like to dislike ratio is Insane on this video anyone else agree?

    1. +Gabriel Wilber Lol i dont even remember making this comment.

    2. By its insane I meant she deserves the success but there were only like 10 dislikes when I first commented.

  14. In a BTS complication on her life on the road, she mentions that for this performance, she had to learn the choreography via a video and had little time to train with the team of dancers. Makes this even more incredible.

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