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4 Ways To Make Money Buying And Selling Cars For Profit


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  1. I felt so sorry for that poor woman and her dog crossing no the street I hope she was ok

  2. how the fuq is the first one on the honda? The fuqn moron with the dash cam is accelerating up the honda’s @ss, he’s the fuq hole

  3. Weak video. Honda drivers must be less inclined to be idiots???

  4. This is a *collection of Hondas doing what I see EVERY make and model of vehicle do everyday. I’m a trucker. I drive 70 hours a week. I could make a video of Chevy driver fails, or Kia, Hyundai, Ford, Mercedez, etc. It’s idiots in general. However, the mass demographic of Hondas are middle eastern folk and oriental asians. Sooooo you do the math. Those are actual statistics.

    1. im asain and i drive better then most of the fucks on the road. give all vehicles on the road at least two car lenght ahead of me, signal 100 feet or more before my turns and still got fuckers tailgating me wtf. hit my brakes instead of hitting my horn. if anything it is cops that almost got me into accident cuz the fucks in front of me loses all their driving abilities when there’s a cop around. WTF!!

  5. I’ll never understand how these crappy cars became so popular.

  6. Anyone else notice that 90% of the Honda drivers are females? Smh. Women need to learn how to drive… again…

  7. Why do people even speed in 4 cylinder economy cars? Your putting unnecessary stress on your motor and not really going anywhere.

    1. zeick9 I did 120 in my gf’s mom’s Hyundai… 4 times.. in one day.. for 45 minutes each… Yeahhhh I did some wear and tear on it x’d

    2. You know, these motors are made for that.
      Plus it’s the most efficient to put the maximum load (not power) on your engine.
      In Europe even 3 cylinder engines become more and more popular and most people are content.

    3. Sam Tevis bet it took you a whole hour just to reach that speed

  8. HOnda or BMW or Mercedes ect are good is just the driver ….

  9. My parents drive a Honda they don’t drive like that and if you put bad Chevy drivers or any other car company you people would be hating on them.

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