Crashed Car Channel


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    1. pekko68b yea I was like wtf, pretty sure he was chasing the white suv backwards and lost control

  1. IBTV - Internet Broke the Television sagt:

    If you added together the IQ’s of all the Russian drivers and multiplied it by the IQ’s of oblivious Russin pedestrians and sunk it into one Russian, he still wouldn’t have the brave to pour piss out of a boot with a faucet in the heel and a suction in the toe.

  2. people do not get it. If you want to kill yourself go some where you will not hurt other. What would happen if your little girl or son was standing or sitting in the car or the side of the road that the same with motorbike. That is what I think.

    1. Rosemary Armitage uhh how about if you want to kill yourself contact the suicide help hotline

  3. 3:00 Annoying when people disrespect your front yard by dumping their rubbish on the driveway.

  4. I don’t think there was a single Land Rover in that clip, plenty of Range Rovers though. That’s a lot like calling a Grand Cherokee a CJ5.

    1. Johan Mahoney-Berg They are all real Land Rovers. They all have their specific purpose

    2. +C4kes In the same way Focus and Escort are made Ford but you don’t call a Focus a Escort

  5. cant stand rovers. That being said I own a bmw and yeah I dont drive this bad. So thats saying something.

  6. Some of these weren’t the range rover or land rovers fault

  7. 0:22 who else though it was gonna be that white range rover on the right

  8. AND YET ALL OF THE WRECKS WERE ON THE ROAD y’all need to drive these machines the way there meant to be driven, off road;)

  9. In the UK, a lot of Range Rovers are driven by Mums who just want status. They bully other road users; parking illegally and dangerously, overtaking dangerously and just behaving like they own the road. I am not being sexist here, this is just what I’ve seen. I see many women, specifically women, who will use their Range Rover to overtake dangerously and then park on double yellow lines, but then when somebody speaks up and tells them to move, they just drive off furiously. The sad thing for these people though is that they park illegally because they have no idea about how to control their vehicle because you can watch them struggling to park it in an easy to park slot, where anyone can park easily. The reason that they can’t park it is because they haven’t practised manoeuvring their big car like that because all they bought it for is to bully their way through school run. The men I see driving Range Rovers on the school are much more considerate. There are also many women who drive Range Rovers and other 4×4 vehicles very well, don’t get me wrong.

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