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    1. RWS Why steal it when you carn’t drive it 100yrds without hitting a post?

  1. The one with the black SL 550 backing out of the shopping center is on the recorder. The car was pretty much backed out. Just wait for them to back out and leave and you avoid these near accident confrontations.

    1. Agreed. The Merc driver was pretty silly to keep backing out into the camera car but waiting 5 seconds would have avoided the whole thing.

    2. +Mainz Man Its all one car park nobody has any presidence over anybody else when you think about it whether going forwards or backwards.

    3. Common thread through a lot of these videos is either ego or just stupidity.  While someone may be *legally* acceptable in their actions, common sense seems to be completely absent…  If something is IN FRONT OF YOU, it’s better to stop for the moment, than to wreck your car!  Maybe their mothers told them they were special, and they believed that meant everybody had to cowtow to them.

    4. Looks like some idiot Mercedes drivers are commenting here..
      If you’re backing out and someone is trying to pass and claxoning at you, you should freaking stop! No discussion!

    5. As someone who lives in the area, can assure you that ego plays a huge part in it 100%. That’s the Tim’s on Leslie between Finch & Steeles.

  2. Ontario, why do you have the worse drivers in the world… uhh ok not counting Asian countries and Florida
    … and Quebec lol

    1. No! California has more drivers than all the other places combined… although the average is quite large considering the numbers lol
      Never mind

  3. Q: Whats the difference between a Mercedes-Benz and a porcupine?
    A: With the porcupine, the pricks are on the outside.

  4. I’m surprised we survive as the human race sometimes…. Too funny, keep them coming!

  5. sorry but have you never heard of the built-in right of way that every Mercedes comes with?

    1. Yeah, just like the special speeding license that comes with BMW’s. lol!

  6. Huh I wonder where 6:50 was captured. Probably close to Atlanta because that’s where drivers become reckless

  7. Quite often when I travel I rent a Mercedes and am pleasant, polite and courteous. It really messes with peoples minds.

  8. hey have notice this guys doing the filming is the worst drivers

  9. The expression: „A berk in a Merc“ is timeless.

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