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    1. Andrei Games52 Why, wot is the point? First!!! like there’s some sort of prestige to it. dose it get you laid? “ HAY HUNNY, I WAS FIRST, AGAIN“. „Yes, that why I’m leaving you“. how’s this….


  1. i hope natural selection weeds some of these people out of the gene pool

    1. It won’t. Many studies show the global IQ is dropping rapidly as retards are procreating faster than intelligent people. Today MOST people are stupid.

  2. Suicide on a grand scale! The cemeterys are full of idiots who had the right of way!!

  3. I cant wait for the Aliens to arrive from space, we may see the reintroduction of basic Common Sense! lol!

    1. If they have any common sense, they will give the human race and planet earth a wiiiiiiiiide berth.

  4. dam shame so many who get run down get up again and still live after running into traffic

    1. John
      Ya, they would improve the gene pool if there were fatalities.

  5. 4:10 Imagine how much those boobies would have flopped around if she had been hit.

  6. 7:32 That pig thinks he’s a moose. (Almost no one will get this joke. It’s a country boy joke, not a city slicker joke.)

    1. K9 I may’ve been born in a big city but most of my yrs were in small country towns:)

  7. Don,t need to go to Russia to see stupid people, there are plenty around here. I see them every day.

  8. Kinda makes you want to get out of the car and beat them to. Death.

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