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  1. am I the only one who really wanted that Monte Carlo at the end to get wrecked running that light?

    1. Donnie Hicks2 hours ago
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      Donnie Hicks1 hour ago
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    2. absolutely. i wanted the driver with the camera to just crash into him.

    3. cincysilvia8807 As a Monte Carlo owner, I would have loved to see that one get totaled.

  2. Seems Monte Carlo owners are the assholes. There is a lot of them here in Arizona.

    1. Zack R. I know not all Monte Carlo owners are not all assholes. Just the bad apples that gives them a bad name.

    2. rezboy90 with my experiences, almost every encounter with one were not pleasant.

  3. on the last video with the guy with the sevrolet. That happened to my dad and he hit him

  4. 3:38 HA! I was waiting for that, fucking skinny dude didn’t stand a chance.

  5. You don’t have to say Idiot Chevrolet drivers. Just „Chevrolet drivers“ will do. We already know they are idiots because they drive Chevrolet.

  6. Every driver of a Garbage Manufacturing vehicle is an idiot with zero taste.

  7. if you were hit by a car would you get in the vehicle of the person who hit you? That’s cray…

    1. Sicarious At that point you just need to get to the hospital so any car would do

  8. In the last clip, as soon as you hear the driver getting out of his car to confront his stupidity, he speeds off. What a coward. And yeah I was hoping another car to slam into him as he took the red light.

  9. Love that Dawson’s Creek type music at 3:39 when the big guy cleans that flea’s clock

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