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  1. that reminds me: the inventor of autocorrect died last monday. his funfair is held next monkey.

  2. watched it but disliked it. next time don’t use as a clickbait thumbnail with a chick. sorry

    1. What happened, you were expecting to beat off to a Youtube video?

    2. HerkimerSnerd lmfao! I was thinking it and then saw you said it! Too good!

    3. lmfao! I was thinking that I could beat it to a YouTube video! Too bad!

    4. and you changed the world! Thank you savior!! clap clap clap

    5. You didn’t get the reference, it looked like Daisy Duke from the old T.V. show Dukes of Hazzard.

  3. when in road rage, skip the drama! call 911 and read off the license plate first, even when they say „address of emergency“. say license plate first.

    1. The road is covered in snow (and ice). Pedestrians running across the crosswalk in front of a vehicle without giving it even a chance to fucking stop is hardly the fault of the driver.

      I hate Jeep drivers as much as anyone, but they’re not always in the wrong. Just most times.

  4. At about 2:23 that is not bad driving just tools on foot sprinting out into the road on ice and getting owned.

    1. I was going to make the same comment. You could see the driver slammed on their breaks but they weren’t able to stop in time.

  5. At 0:43 I know that intersection off of Wadsworth in Colorado because I literally drive that road all the time

  6. Remember kids, it isn’t about how good of a driver you are. It is about how bad the other drivers are.

  7. Jeep not the idiot at 2:56, it’s the sedan that’s being a fucking lane-ignoring asshat.

  8. @ 2:15 my heart sank because I thought at first that was a TJ Driver. By 7:50 I though, well maybe TJ, YJ, CJ’s & Willy’s will make it through without getting in this compilation. At the end I celebrated with a beer because no actual jeepers were hurt during the making of this video.

  9. 25% of the so called fails aren’t fails. They either had the right of way or the video just makes it look like it’s their fault. Jeep fails include off roading

  10. No I think it’s just Russians with a bad rep. Don’t see very Manny wranglers. There all just dumb people in suv’s

  11. It ain’t the „Jeeps“ that have bad rep. It’s the drivers! P.s Not all vehicle in this Video are Jeeps so stop giving a bad Rep about Jeeps

  12. None of these are things that happen to anybody no matter what car they drive. Not just exclusive or Jeeps.

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