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    1. Yeah? And what Mercedes is that? Can’t wait for the answer…

    2. +Romana Cunha That’s a VW CC. The sunroof design is specific to that car, and no other car has it.

    1. mercedes drivers….the law sould take the drivers license from every russian!!

  1. 10:13 Russian police,and drunk with cigarette in hand….hahahahahhahaha

  2. 4:51 that’s a Passat CC. Prime example of Vw/Audi group understeering.

  3. its extremely scary how many people in russia pass on the left.. even on left turning cars.. i dont understand..

    1. Naw, bro…. It just show the unmistakable note Mercs are for detecting ‚tards, booze an‘ generally dumbafuckas ones……

  4. A lot of these are not even the Mercedes driver’s fault. I’m guessing the poster is jealous of Mercedes.

  5. Most of these were not even the Mercedes fault how is it idiot Mercedes drivers title? Fail thumbs down

  6. It’s not about Mercedes – bmw or any other car brand failure or what :
    It’s just all about russian driving ..right ??

  7. 1:36 – the Mercedes driver had the right of way, so neither an idiot nor crazy there.

  8. HAHA @ 6:10 (3) guys get out of the car like that and would be shot dead in the USA they Especially here in Florida.

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