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  1. Can you do a Vidieo about the biggest Drag Racing Fails

    1. crashed car channel-can you make the outro longer so we dont miss the last videos all the time

  2. Why is driving Automatic so complicated for some people? I dont get it – you have one pedal less^^

    1. Schumifannr Eins I Know right, I drive automatic and manual so I might get confused sometimes.

    1. haha was searching through the comments to see if someone else noticed as well. Nice one!

  3. A Beemer driver,a Merc driver and an Audi driver walk into a pub. What a trio of twats.

  4. You would think with how much some of these cars cost, their owners would be a little more careful with them.

    1. you Mercedes drivers talk big. im not sure if I could or not and neither are you, but hearing how much a little prick you are I would love to get the chance to try.

    2. totally, you sound like a nice guy… and so humble XD

  5. Mercedes are driven by 30-something cubicle workers pulling WAY less than 100k. Pretty much anyone with halfway decent credit can walk into a Merc dealer and drive away in a shiny new Mercedes.

  6. I swear that black SUV Mercedes was the same guy every time.

  7. Huh. Russia: where stopping to collect details after an accident is an optional activity that few bother with. Insurance companies must love it – no payouts.

  8. Geez,that clip that starts at 5:09 looks like the mob trying to END this guy!

  9. Seems like most of these drivers are trying to pull the whole ‚OH YOU DAMAGED MY EXPENSIVE CAR YOU OWE ME A LOT OF MONEY, GIVE ME CASH AND WE WON’T HAVE TO GET INSURANCE INVOLVED!‘ kind of people.

  10. This one kinda makes sense but most of the names for the car brands don’t even make sence

  11. Seems that there is mainly one nationality representing the masterful drivers 🙂

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