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  1. In the first video the cop could not give the driver a ticket… Because he broke no laws roflmfao

    1. Andrew Brinkman if the dash cam in the cop car was running it could be used as evidence. Besides, reckless driving is a ticket-able offense. Which… is probably what the officer was going for here.

    2. ive only seen or heard about police issuing a summons or a fine for breaking traction here in VA. If you’re under the speed limit, and because cars are becoming quicker and safer every year, I don’t see the problem with acceleration. Its actually way more dangerous to piddle up the acceleration lane onto the interstate going 35 rather than accelerate quickly to match speed. So I just can’t believe its that black and white where you live either.

    3. Andrew Brinkman That’s clearly not the situation in the video. You’re right, it’s not black and white…. which is really the point. Intent matters. Quick acceleration on an on-ramp is one thing, dumping the clutch 50 feet away from an officer is another.

    4. Andrew Brinkman it’s more dangerous to observe the intersection and wait for all cars to come to a complete stop then take your time and accelerate slowly?

  2. At 3.15 that’s a Pontiac Grand Prix.
    The car taken out at 6.20 was magic!!!! Totally got what he deserved and crushed that fence. hahah great video

  3. What do Russian drivers look at when they’re driving? Their feet or something?

    1. Aaand Theblue Skyline steps in with a typical strong opinion that is stereotypically adolescent. He writes like too many Russians drive: Full speed ahead, damn the facts! Maybe he’s just Russian.

    2. BMW OneLove – Okay, so a question:  WHY do you have so many dash cams?    Is insurance fraud a massive problem, or ???

    3. I always remember watching „World’s Dumbest“ and whenever a clip of bad Russian drivers was on Frank Stallone would talk about how stupid they are.

    1. I often use bolt cutters in my job, so they are very handy in my vehicle.  I would get out, grab my bolt cutters and smash off his side mirror.  Which is probably the WRONG thing to do considering it really was just a minor incident – just cut off in traffic.   (But I agree with you.)

    2. I would use my bumper to take his door off. I’m too lazy to get out.

  4. 6:20 That was so fucking satisfying that I actually cheered.

    1. I feel bad for whoever the driver with the camera was, the car they had would still be a little messed up from that. I also wonder on these what the immediate outcome was, did they end up in a fist fight or what?

  5. Dude had the green light but that doesn’t mean he should just dash into the road knowing there’s a car coming.

    1. James Bond True. It’s common sense. However… I think the man driving the Mitsubishi was in the wrong. I’m picturing a green arrow meant for the cars turning in front of the camera car. Those lights always give enough time for traffic to clear before the light goes green for everyone, unless people turning left on the arrow keep flowing into the intersection after the arrow is no longer lit. I think that’s what happened.

    2. James Bond I see people trying to squeeze in after the arrow is unlit all the time, that’s what I think is happening in the video. In my book, it’s the same as running a red light.

  6. last time I checked Nissan, Pontiac, and Kia weren’t apart of Mitsubishi

    1. Actually, Nissan-Renault owns a 34% stake of Mitsubishi Motors, making them the effective owners of Mitsubishi Motors, but you’re still right. Nissan isn’t a part of Mitsubishi, but Mitsubishi is a part of Nissan. 😉

    2. kohchajakinov86 last time I checked Mercedes, and BMW were sort of Mitsubishi

  7. Damn, these video clips put together are becoming such low quality that I can only imagine how many time they’ve been ripped off of other similar channels and re-uploaded. Or we are travelling back in time and cameras film in 240p again.

  8. what does the grand am have to do with anything

  9. and this is the reason why car mechanics/painters will never run out of work lol

    1. Ever heard of autonomous cars? Yeah, 20 years and you’re all out of business.

    2. Good point, although they’ll probably become law eventually. OP said „never“. Well… never say never 😉

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